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Leapfrogging Competition for Enterprise SD-WAN Cloud/SaaS Access

Susana Schwartz
Communications Content Specialist

Introducing Talari Cloud Connect

Today we’re very excited to introduce our newest SD-WAN innovation: Talari Cloud Connect.

As enterprises embrace public cloud computing, SaaS, hybrid IT and multi-cloud postures in pursuit of their digital-transformation objectives, they are compelled to overhaul their WAN architectures and management models. This ensures the businesses can reliably, securely, and cost-effectively deliver the cloud-based applications and services that are becoming increasingly valuable to business outcomes.  While most SD-WAN offerings provide some value in providing access to cloud services and SaaS, almost all prior approaches face significant challenges in meeting real-time enterprise business requirements.

Failsafe cloud/SaaS connectivity, without the typical Enterprise set-up hassle

Talari’s Cloud Connect platform, together with our ecosystem partners, addresses each of these problems with an approach that leapfrogs the SD-WAN competition. Cloud Connect offers enterprises simple, failsafe cloud/SaaS access, delivering reliable, high Quality of Experience (QoE) when accessing the cloud without the enterprise hassle of deploying and managing cloud-based infrastructure.

Talari Cloud Connect ensures SaaS services such as Unified Communications (e.g. VoIP) deliver all the MPLS-class high availability and predictable application QoE benefits. Talari’s award-winning, failsafe SD-WAN offering delivers this service while accessing the cloud, cloud services and SaaS just as it does between enterprise sites. With Talari Cloud Connect, enterprises avoid the dreaded “two steps forward, one step back” approaches dragging down SD-WAN solutions who claim to fix the problems of cloud/SaaS access.  Enterprises can now safely migrate applications to public cloud and SaaS at their own desired pace.

All prior cloud/SaaS access approaches have significant limitations or challenges

Since the introduction of public cloud computing, enterprises actively sought to migrate applications to the cloud, but without sacrificing the reliability and application performance predictability benefits of their expensive private MPLS WANs.  Business users far prefer lower ongoing administrative costs and dealing with complex set-up and high turn-up costs.

Every previous SD-WAN approach to the issue of cloud/SaaS access faced challenges and limitations:

Fully distributed Internet access delivers lower average latency, but comes with high network security CapEx and OpEx costs, and the core fundamental problem of unreliable and unpredictable access to cloud-based resources

Backhauling traffic to HQ/data center involves higher latency for access, and can still have QoE uses with data center link access

Cloud-based, distributed security-as-a-service well addresses cost and management costs for security, but still faces the same issues that distributed Internet access has in terms of unreliable and unpredictable “first mile” access to that cloud-based security service of simple tunnels.

Virtual IaaS SD-WAN instances do address the reliability and QoE issues (if from a vendor offering failsafe technology) but a) are usually complex to stand up, and b) don’t address the more general issue of SaaS access

DIY build your own colocation using failsafe SD-WAN technology does address almost all issues, is perhaps the ideal way for larger enterprises today to do true hybrid private-public cloud computing, but is still not perfect, and more importantly is more effort and infrastructure management than most enterprises want to do

Managed cloud gateways also address many of the challenges, but some lock you in to a particular service provider, while other offer limited first/last mile reliability.

Talari Cloud Connect: Simple, failsafe cloud/SaaS access

Talari Cloud Connect addresses the limitations of all prior approaches. We’ve built a short video detailing how Cloud Connect works.

The Talari Cloud Connect platform enables Talari SD-WAN customers to easily, reliably connect to 3rd party services available on the Internet.

Cloud Connect POP offers multi-tenant Service Provider software that aggregates Cloud Conduit connections. To maximize the number of SaaS and cloud services partners that take advantage of this technology to provide added value to enterprise customers, Talari is providing this technology free-of-charge to Service Providers to deploy at their POPs and data centers to connect to Talari SD-WAN customers.

Cloud Conduits are the failsafe multi-link, multipath connection between customer location and Cloud Connect POP. The Cloud Conduit delivers reliability, visibility, QoS like other conduits on customer’s Talari SD-WAN. Thanks to the shared administration of the Cloud Conduit, besides offering multi-link and reliable connectivity, customers can easily set full inbound and outbound QoS ”fair shares,” etc., since the connection to the POP is two-ended.

Talari Cloud Connect delivers multiple use cases:

  • Connecting directly to the POPs/data centers of SaaS providers that deploy Cloud Connect POPs – our multiple UCaaS partnerships, including RingCentral, Pure IP and Evolve IP, are prime examples here
  • Providing reliable, multi-link connectivity to cloud-based services, such as cloud-based network security services – our Meta Networks partnership is doing just this
  • Providing failsafe access to cloud gateways, or cloud private networks offering cost-effective, reliable predictable access to all sites on the Internet – our partnership with Mode is doing just this

For more information on this exciting innovation in reliable enterprise access to cloud services and SaaS, see here and here.

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