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The Last Mile of Bandwidth Access: Creating a High-Performance VDI Environment

Susana Schwartz
Communications Content Specialist

Your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) delivers substantial benefits to your business: It supports your BYOD initiatives and boosts employee mobility, while helping to lower IT management costs. VDI also improves security by eliminating endpoint data storage and enabling centralized desktop management and control. It even provides the legs your company may need to keep critical 32-bit legacy apps standing in a 64-bit OS world.

However, given that VDI often runs over a hyperconverged or hybrid-cloud IT infrastructure, network congestion and edge disruption may lead to end-user complaints about remote connectivity problems and degraded experiences. Packet loss, jitter and latency all take their toll on sensitive VDI applications, hurting real-time performance and leaving workers to grapple with slow log-ins, tiling or frozen screens, unresponsive sessions and lag-times around mouse and keyboard inputs. Network downtime and poor quality performance can have a negative impact not only on business users’ experiences but also on the key processes for which they’re responsible.

Remote desktop virtualization in its various forms, including VDI, will power the digital workplace, Gartner says—an environment it describes as VDI’s ability to “maximize the creative potential of the workforce and allow new ways of working that deliver better business outcomes.” In another report, Gartner encourages enterprise architects to increase network bandwidth and resilience, and plan for reduced latency tolerance as organizations move to VDI and as users depend increasingly on the network for IT functionality.

Take the High Road with Failsafe SD-WAN  

Businesses can move toward VDI with the help of failsafe SD-WAN technology that assures high availability, elastic bandwidth and scalable throughput for last-mile branch-office connections between the data center and virtual desktops. With a failsafe SD-WAN in place, users’ workdays won’t be disrupted, waiting for application access, responses and screen refreshes—even in high-scale environments serving scores of remote and mobile workers and under the most demanding conditions, such as running graphics-rich software with complex screen renderings.

SD-WAN intelligence makes it possible to improve users’ VDI experiences by picking the network traffic path that has the least one-way packet loss, jitter and latency—and continuously monitoring it to immediately redirect traffic if quality dips. Equally important to enable uninterrupted performance is that SD-WANs can efficiently retransmit lost packets without degradation to the VDI session. Advanced SD-WAN solutions like Talari’s manage all that, while keeping VDI session responsiveness high with support for packet-by-packet duplication that drives down latency and lost packets. Thanks to its dynamic bandwidth management, An SD-WAN also enables high-priority applications to take precedence over others when network congestion rears its head.

The opportunity also is evident with failsafe SD-WAN technology like Talari’s to maximize network capacity and performance by augmenting the enterprise’s traditional MPLS WAN circuits with inexpensive broadband connections without compromising quality

SD-WAN Mitigates Risk of VDI Slack

A recent survey conducted by Talari shows that 95 percent of companies rely on the WAN for their most important enterprise tasks.

A key beneficiary of Talari’s SD-WAN technology for a VDI initiative is Dayton Superior, a $400 million supplier of concrete construction supplies headquartered in Dayton, OH. “We’re aggressively moving toward VDI with VMware, and Talari will help us improve performance,” says Dave Badgley, senior systems engineer.

WAN optimization appliances don’t help in this scenario, since the VDI traffic is already encrypted and compressed. But Talari provides Dayton Superior with the quality of service and sustained bandwidth IT needs to meet service-level agreements for VDI and other essential business applications, assuring that they take the best quality path over the network at all times.

Badgley notes that even if a network problem occurs, desktop virtualization applications don’t drop and users don’t have to reconnect. “Users,” he says, “have a better experience with Talari.”

Learn More

Many Talari customers are enjoying the flexibility benefits of reliable last mile bandwidth for VDI. You can find out more on how to provide superior support for your VDI infrastructure and enable the best-quality user experiences in the white paper, “Take the Frustration out of VDI.

This Talari video will give you additional insight into how a Talari SD-WAN ensures that your users can depend on a quality VDI application experience.

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