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Drive Automated Intelligence into Enterprise Networks with SD-WAN

Brian Kracik
Senior director of product marketing for enterprise and cloud solutions at Oracle

In the recent report “The Network Highway of Tomorrow—Redefining Enterprise Networking,” the Economist Intelligence Unit explores how digital transformation is a major focus for all enterprises that want high-performing applications and ubiquitous connectivity, whether in their organizations' employee infrastructure, or outside their organization with end customers and partners.  

An always-connected world requires enterprises reimagine their networks and leverage a modern approach. In the report, visionaries like ZK Research's Zeus Kerravala, Nemertes’ founder Johna Till Johnson and Standard Chartered global head of network services Richard Christopher, discuss how cloud, virtualization, ML and AI can help CTOs, CIOs and IT securely and efficiently deliver next-gen connectivity and performance to both end users and applications. With literally trillions-of-dollars at stake, network performance for business-critical applications has never been more important.

Oracle Communications: Driving Automated Intelligence with SD-WAN

In a highly digitized world, the network needs to act as a self-driving car for the enterprise—dynamically reacting to traffic congestion in the same way a driver in a car reacts in real time to pedestrians, potholes, ice and other obstacles to ensure the car safely stays on course. When applications encounter digital congestion in the form of latency, jitter and packet loss, the self-driving network needs to do the same, rerouting traffic so that data gets to its intended destination, on time and without impact to the application and quality of experience (QoE).

Where it used to be a single application running on a centralized computer, today’s applications require sophisticated orchestration among networks, services, devices and users. Like an autonomous car that ultimately can react, in fractions of a second, the self-driving WAN must be app-aware and deliver data where it needs to go, and with the highest level of QoE.

For network administrators striving to have self-configuring and self-correcting network capabilities, SD-WAN is the technology of choice. Companies large and small across all verticals are adapting to a shifting enterprise edge that continues to get extended through distributed  data centers, cloud applications, and an expanding number of wireless devices.

Ensuring your network can seamlessly deliver data across clouds, to branch offices, and to every type of user will be increasingly important. Like the burden on local roads when the number of cars explodes in a growing city, the burden on networks can be overwhelming, especially when trying to decipher regular traffic from priority traffic.

To learn about automatic configuration and troubleshooting through the self-driving, app-aware SD-WAN, read the report’s page-8 inset, “Steering Toward Self-Driving Wide Area Networks.”

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