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Digital Transformation: Standards Matter

In a previous blog post, Doug Suriano, senior vice president and general manager for Oracle Communications outlined five key requirements for digital transformation, which ties to TM Forum’s Digital Maturity Model for gauging digital-transformation readiness and priorities.

What may surprise our CSP customers is the tremendous role that global industry standards play in guiding digital transformations, increasingly providing roadmaps and best practices in transitions to the cloud and new business models. With the expansion and diversification of ecosystems, the complexity of interconnecting and sharing required among stakeholders, and the growing degree of security necessary to protect data and customers, it’s a fact that standards matter more than ever.

Using different approaches, standards foster industry benefits, including to:

  • Minimize customizations for CSP and enterprise customers
  • Expedite ROI and time to value for investments made in products
  • Establish best practices for CSPs’ digital-transformation journeys
  • Encourage innovation
  • Remove barriers to entry
  • Leverage the experiences of other industries so as not to reinvent the wheel

The process of developing standards will drive digital transformation as standards setting helps accelerate the trial-and-error processes companies would otherwise undertake individually. Standards bodies mitigate the risk any one individual company must take as it pioneers new business models and partnerships with companies spanning different industries and geographies.

As CSPs Transform, So Too Are Standards for Cloud, 5G and Security

In no domain is it more obvious that standards are going through a revolution in how they are developed than in Open Source. The number of Open Source projects is exploding and their prominence cannot be denied, especially in the shift to as-a-service business models.

If you consider the significant collaboration and alignment that has taken place among the major standards organizations, you see something that was rarely the case a decade ago. For example, the ONAP open-source project under the Linux Foundation embraces TM Forum Open APIs. Or consider how MEF defined its data models for Lifecycle Service Orchestration using the same TM Forum Open APIs. These are encouraging collaborations that combine expertise and collaborations that lay at the heart of these organizations’ mission statements. The TM Forum, for example, had to update its charter to embrace Open Source and provide Open APIs more broadly in its attempt to bring all valuable assets together.

Growing Oracle Communications Focus on Industry and IT Standards

Within Oracle Communications, we participate in standards setting globally for the communications industry (i.e., 3GPP, ATIS, TM Forum, MEF, IETF, and Linux Foundation). We feel this involvement will help future proof our business model and the development of our communications and cloud offerings as we drive and support 5G, the IoT, AI and the technologies that will revolutionize what our CSP and enterprise customers can do.

Most recently, Oracle Communications has increased its focus on open RESTful APIs in 3GPP, MEF, TM Forum and open source projects like ONAP. The work is ongoing and relatively new within the core network. This is significant because we want the type of development that once characterized early generations of the web to now become prevalent in the core network. As Open APIs have taken hold in networking, and in the evolution to the cloud, and as customers evaluate a shift of core networking to the cloud, open APIs will grow in importance.

Additionally, the need for security and performance means open APIs are going to be increasingly critical to Cloud standards,  such as that of the Cloud Security Alliance. This is just one example of how security will be given more prominence in the cloud — a key concern for our customers as they evaluate a shift of core networking to cloud models.

In order to help our CSP customers in the evolution of core networks as they shift to the cloud, security will continue to be a part of Oracle Communications DNA. That focus on security will carry over as we examine the role of Network Slicing in future 5G networks, which will be delivered in part from the cloud.

We encourage our customers and partners to join us in standards creation and evolution, as it can only help to push through more openness and collaboration among all facets of the digital world.

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