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Contact Centers Connect with SD-WANs To Improve Reliability and Customer Experience

Andy Gottlieb
Vice President SD-WAN Solutions

Single-location contact and call center of years past had little need for Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology. But today’s widely distributed global call and contact center leaders depend on SD-WANs to ensure that Unified Communications (UC) efficiencies are carried across customer service, technical support, and outgoing call banks across multiple locations. The right SD-WAN solution improves UC reliability and customer experience.

Contact centers often count on customer experience benefits from SD-WANs and Session Border Controller solutions to power differentiation via tiered services, intelligent automation of call distributors, and enhanced reliability and predictability of networks. The solutions enable:

  • High degree of CCaaS operator secure service differentiation;
  • Ability to deliver tiered service (platinum, gold, silver) to different customers;
  • CCaaS capabilities that meet or exceed unique Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) needs relevant to their customers’ industries and to end customers using failsafe SD-WAN innovation.

A failsafe SD-WAN inoculates CCaaS operators from issues arising from how well or poorly any underlying wide area network (WAN) connection is performing. The fact that multi-location CCaaS operators already have multiple WAN links at each location make them particularly fertile ground for SD-WAN deployments. Telephony systems' automated call distributors (ACDs) benefit from SD-WAN to securely distribute calls among agents based on system capacity, global geographies, human availability, agent skill sets, etc.

For UC real-time applications like VoIP and videoconferencing, SD-WAN technology helps ACDs deliver best-in-class reliability and predictability by choosing network paths with the least amount of packet loss and lowest jitter, and switching sub-second to a better path in the face of high loss or jitter, and even optionally replicating real-time packet flows for the highest levels of call quality. Note that for UC, CCaaS and VoIP, simple roundtrip measurements of network latency and loss are insufficient to make appropriate forwarding decisions. More than for other applications, one-way measurement of network performance is essential here.

Benefits of Centralized SD-WAN Orchestration

SD-WAN solutions centralize and ease configuration and ongoing WAN management. This ensures IT gains a far simpler and more scalable approach, in contrast to constantly fiddling with router settings or being at the mercy of separate MPLS providers. And the self-driving nature of smart SD-WAN solutions lowers OpEx costs and increases reliability still further, fixing network problems as they occur rather than simply reporting them.

A failsafe SD-WAN solution further allows the contact center operator to cap spending on expensive MPLS connections while augmenting them with lower cost, high bandwidth Internet circuits. Given that the cost per bit of data center MPLS bandwidth is anywhere from 10x to 100x the cost of Internet bandwidth, the ability to have even a portion of a global contact center operation’s WAN needs handled with Internet connections rather than MPLS results in substantial savings and operational efficiencies.

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