Modern Developer | August 30, 2017

Oracle Code San Francisco and JavaOne Will Immerse Developers in New Tools

By: Alexa Morales


When the guru who coined the term DevOps contends that delivering services over container is losing ground to so-called “serverless” logic in the cloud—you listen. Self-styled “DevOps enthusiast” Patrick Debois plans during his keynote at the Oracle Code San Francisco developer event to explain how DevOps is evolving in a serverless world, with emerging practices and promise theory to explain the move away from command-and-control applications.

These are exciting times for developers, who find their roles taking increasingly strategic importance within their organizations. Whether they’re building cloud-native applications, honing Java skills, just getting started with containers, or diving into big data, developers will enjoy myriad learning experiences at Oracle Code San Francisco and JavaOne. Following a successful tour of 20 developer-focused Oracle Code events around the world, the one-day free Oracle Code will take place in San Francisco on October 3. Oracle Code comprises more than 50 technical sessions taking place alongside the JavaOne conference, which is also held during Oracle OpenWorld.

Can’t-miss sessions at this year’s Oracle Code include:  

DevOps Tooling

If you haven’t evolved past DevOps to serverless computing yet, fear not—there’s plenty to gain from building a better software delivery pipeline. In just one of many DevOps-oriented sessions, you can learn how LinkedIn does commit-to-production automation in a talk entitled “You Deserve Great Tool.”

Clouds and Containers

Deploying applications at scale with Docker? You’ll soon find you need Kubernetes, Google’s open source orchestration system, to keep track of all those containers. Author and Oracle Developer Champion Michael Hüttermann (author of DevOps for Developers) gives an invaluable introduction to Wercker, a Docker-native automation platform for Kubernetes recently acquired by Oracle.

The next-generation cloud attracts developers interested in fast, modern architectures. Learn how to turbocharge Kubernetes on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure while giving your containers direct access to native bare metal performance.

Big Data

For faster processing on the fly, the open source Apache Spark engine works for streaming data as well as machine learning and graph processing. Learn how to get started with Spark with Nikhil Nanivadekar, a Java expert at Goldman Sachs, and once you have that mastered, teach your application to distinguish pop music from heavy metal using Apache Spark MLib.

 Emerging Technologies

There’s a new generation of transactional applications about to burst forth, using blockchain for trust. You too can become unbelievably rich—or merely increase your marketable skills—by building a practical blockchain with the open source Hyperledger Fabric platform.

Analytics are old school, predictive technologies are new school. Get the basics of machine learning under your belt so you won’t be fooled by the hype. Then, impress all your friends when you operationalize ML into predictive enterprise applications with Oracle Database or build a brilliant chatbot with one hand tied behind your back.

 Meet Pepper the Chatbot Robot

Machine learning need not stay in the cloud. At the Developer Lounge demos, Pepper, the autonomous robot by SoftBank, integrated with Oracle Cloud, will answer attendee questions about the conference environment and control nearby sensors.

Pepper is just one of many scheduled immersive demos showing how developers can creatively link cloud services to novel devices such as custom-printed Oracle embedded boards, The Matrix-style 360-degree action cameras, 3D furniture printers, interactive art installations, and more.

Browse technical sessions, birds-of-a-feather gatherings, community talks, and maker demos in the Oracle Code and JavaOne session catalog.

Alexandra Weber Morales is an editor and content strategist in Oracle’s Content Central organization.



Alexa Weber Morales is director of developer content at Oracle. Morales is the former editor in chief of Software Development magazine and has more than 15 years of experience as a technology content strategist and journalist.

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