IT Innovation, Oracle News | December 30, 2018

Oracle Cloud Powers City of San Jose's Smart App

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By Krina Patel

What does it take to become America's most innovative city? The City of San Jose has embarked on a journey to answer that question, aiming to become America's Most Innovative City by 2020.

How is Oracle helping on this journey? The City of San Jose is taking an innovative approach to IT infrastructure by improving citizen engagement with the power of emerging technology.

San Jose is the tenth largest city in the nation, with 1.2 million residents and tens of thousands of business spread across 180 square miles. City leaders were looking for a solution to provide municipal services to citizens efficiently and cost-effectively, which is a challenge considering they were receiving more than 250,000 phone calls and had to track 500,000-plus citizen engagements annually. While these interaction volumes continued to climb, citizens were expecting a modern way to interact with the city.

With these challenges in mind, San Jose was able to implement Oracle SaaS and PaaS services to provide a knowledge-centered service environment to citizens. With Oracle Service Cloud, the city has established a master record of 500,000-plus annual citizen engagements with an omnichannel solution. Also, the city reduced the number of phone calls by implementing a modern 311 system that citizens can use to request information or report problems.

The city also deployed a “My Home Services” mobile app, which allows residents to receive personalized information such as street sweeping, waste collection, and water service providers. By connecting Oracle Service Cloud with the city’s back-office systems with Oracle Integration Cloud, citizen service requests are automatically routed to the right department. Implementing San Jose’s solutions on one platform has enabled it to scale quickly and effectively.

These services have resulted in large improvements in cost-effectiveness, self-service capabilities, and reporting improvements for the city. San Jose has chosen to stay ahead of the curve and use technology to position itself as the World’s Most Innovative City. Whether running a city or a business, learn more about how Oracle Cloud helps organizations innovate.  

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Krina Patel is a director of SaaS applications in the Oracle Cloud Business Group.


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