Oracle News | March 24, 2016

Oracle Brings Cloud into Customer Data Centers

By: Michael Hickins | Sr. Director of Strategic Communications


Oracle is giving customers a new option when it comes to cloud computing—by bringing the technology right into their data centers. A new family of services under the rubric Oracle Cloud at Customer “gives our customers a choice—a choice to use Oracle Public Cloud behind their firewalls,” says Steve Daheb, senior vice president of Oracle Cloud.

While it’s true that some companies are moving to cloud as fast as possible, “there are a lot of companies out there that love the thought of public cloud, but for some reason or other they haven’t been able to move,” Daheb says in an article published on Forbes OracleVoice.

Those companies are in industries such as finance, government, healthcare, and manufacturing, he says. And the reasons they can’t commit to public cloud services right now include data security, data sovereignty, country-specific legal restrictions, and internal parameters, such as performance-specific service-level agreements.

Oracle Cloud at Customer, which gives customers all the benefits of Oracle Public Cloud behind their firewalls, is a natural stepping stone for organizations that are stuck for all of the above reasons. “We provide them the path: Here’s what we can run in the cloud, here’s what we can run on premises, and they happen to be seamlessly integrated,” Daheb says.

Oracle has spent most of its 40 years integrating enterprise systems, he points out. That strategy is exemplified now by the 100% compatibility between its Oracle Cloud services and its newest on-premises proposition.

Oracle Cloud at Customer offers the same services available in Oracle Cloud—the very same compute resources, middleware, database, and tools—in an integrated system that resides on corporate premises. Those services include:

  • Oracle Java Cloud
  • Oracle Database Cloud
  • Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Find out more about Oracle Cloud at Customer and the underlying Oracle Cloud Machine on Oracle.com.

Sr. Director of Strategic Communications

Michael Hickins is a senior director of strategic communications at Oracle. He is the former editor of The Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal.

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