Oracle News | February 28, 2017

Oracle Applications User Experience Team Wins Three Awards

By: Guest Author


By Kathy Miedema

The Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team, led by Group Vice President Jeremy Ashley, has received three prestigious awards for its innovative work.

UX Magazine announced this month that the OAUX team was the winner in two categories in its 2016 awards competition: “Best In-House Team” and “Experience Digital Strategy.”

The former award recognizes a team “that consistently designs or creates effective or exemplary digital experiences for their company.” The OAUX team won that award for its work to simplify the design of the Oracle Applications Cloud suite, as well as for its ongoing influence in improving product UX and for the continuity and diversity of the team itself. 

“When designing for the cloud, the challenge has always been how to be familiar yet at the same time understand that we’re designing for a very different way of working,” Ashley said. “I’m really proud of my team for understanding that this was a transformation design problem.”

The Experience Digital Strategy award goes to companies that “understand that user and customer experience are high-level strategic values, not just low-level tactical practices.” With the simplified UI designs in Oracle Applications Cloud, user experience has become a differentiator for Oracle, catching the attention of observers outside the company. The design strategy goes deep into the product experience by also considering how customers make Oracle Applications Cloud their own.

The OAUX team won a third award, from Fast Company, for the work team members did with NASA’s Minor Planet Center. The interactive tool developed for the Asteroid Explorers project, which helps everyone from your grandma to your 5-year-old nephew learn about asteroids, received an honorable mention in the Social Good category in Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Awards.

 Fast Company said in its announcement: “This year’s submissions were as strong as any we’ve ever seen, with more than 1,700 entries from 41 different countries. In the eyes of our esteemed judges, your work was among the best of the best.”

Kathy Miedema is senior market research analyst for Oracle.