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Workflow: Deploy Operating Systems

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The Deploy Operating Systems workflow is a workflow document that we added recently. It shows you how to get operating systems up and running in your environment.

It's mostly linear, but it's a bit more complicated than some of the others. It's built around a pair of images.

In both images, the left side shows the prerequisites for the whole
process. Before you can deploy operating systems, you have to have Ops
Center fully installed, with libraries set up and hardware already

Once you've done that preparation, the first image walks you through all of the OS deployment steps. First you discover existing operating systems, then you provision Oracle Solaris 10 or Oracle Solaris 11. If you're not planning on using virtualization, then your deployment is done, and you're directed to the operate workflows. If you are interested in virtualization, though, you go on to the second image:

The second image walks you through deploying virtualization, sending you to the Deploying Oracle Solaris 10 Zones, Deploying Oracle Solaris 11 Zones, or Deploying Oracle VM Server for SPARC workflows, depending on what kind of virtualization you're planning on using. Once you've done that, you're ready to go on to the operation workflows.

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  • guest Monday, February 25, 2013


    I am planning to migrate a hardware v490, T3 too to be an OVM guest or a zone inside one OVM. My FS is VXFS and i want them to be there as it is.

    I know of few failures while booting of OVM with VXFS(Veritas) DG being disabled or other inconsistencies.Mt Question: can we run the combination of MPXIO, Veritas FS on an OVM and zones glitch free.

    If yes, What is the version which may be good.If there is any capability Or should i contact Symantec support and present them with OVM details.



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