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    December 10, 2015

Users and Groups Created by Ops Center

Guest Author

I saw a question recently about the users and groups that are created on the EC and PC operating systems as part of an Ops Center install. Back in 11g, we had a section in the docs that showed these users and groups, but it's missing in 12c.

So, here are the users and groups that OC creates when it's installed:

  • Enterprise Controller Users: svctag, allstart, uce-sds, xvm, webservd
  • Enterprise Controller Groups: jet, uce-sds, webservd
  • Proxy Controller Users: svctag, allstart, uce-sds
  • Proxy Controller Groups: jet, uce-sds

The UIDs for the svctag and xvm users are set by Solaris (to 95 and 60, respectively) but the rest of the UIDs are not expected to be any specific value.

Also, if you're planning an installation, remember that you should use the OCDoctor utility to check the prerequisites first. There are a lot of prereqs that used to be manual checks, that we just made the OCDoctor do automatically.

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