Thursday Feb 04, 2016

Upgrade Issues

Now that some folks are upgrading to version 12.3.1, we've seen a couple of upgrade issues. There are a couple of issues that I've seen questions about which I can give you a solution for:

"When I try to upgrade to 12.3.1 on an S11 system, I get an error saying 'The configured Oracle Solaris 11 publisher, <publisher>, does not support the version of Oracle Solaris 11 that is installed on this system.' What do I do?"

The Oracle Solaris 11 publisher for your environment needs to include the full version of S11 that you're using. You can solve this problem by updating your repository.

"How much disk space do I need to have free for an upgrade?"

This will depend on your environment to some extent, but 100 GB is a good guideline.

Thursday Jan 07, 2016

Upgrading to version 12.3.1

Now that Ops Center 12.3.1 is released, you may be interested in upgrading.

The process is fairly simple - similar to past upgrades - with one important addition. If you're using an embedded database, we've upgraded the version to If you have an embedded database, you'll need to download the installation bundles for before performing the upgrade. If you're using a customer-managed database, you can upgrade your database to at any point after upgrading Ops Center to 12.3.1.

The Upgrade Guide goes into detail about how to upgrade your environment, with separate procedures based on your environment (single EC or HA) and your preferred method of upgrading (UI or command line).

Thursday Jul 02, 2015

Upgrading to 12.3

Now that Ops Center 12.3 is out, you might be wondering how to upgrade to it. I thought I'd walk you through the major steps involved in upgrading, and direct you to the documents that go into more detail.

First off, to upgrade directly to 12.3, you have to be using some variant of 12.2 - 12.2.0, 12.2.1, or 12.2.2. If you're on 12.1, you have to upgrade to 12.2 first. Here's a flowchart of the upgrade paths:

The Upgrade guide also walks you through the other planning steps. It's a good idea to look at the release notes and the Oracle Solaris and Linux install guides before you upgrade, to make sure that you're aware of known issues and the latest system requirements.

Once you've done your planning, you go to the Upgrade guide chapter that matches your environment - there are separate procedures for HA and non-HA environments, and separate procedures for upgrading from the command line or from the UI.

These chapters will walk you through downloading the upgrade (you can get it through the UI, from the Oracle Technology Network, or from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud), and applying the upgrade to the Enterprise Controller(s), Proxy Controllers, and Agents.

Thursday Dec 18, 2014

Upgrading to version 12.2.2

Now that version 12.2.2 of Ops Center is out, you might be interested in upgrading.

We've put together a guide that walks you through the upgrade process. Each type of environment - HA or single Enterprise Controller - has separate chapters explaining how to do the upgrade through the UI or from the command line.

Something to note is that, if you're using an embedded database, the upgrade includes an upgrade of the DB to Oracle Database If you're using an embedded database, you'll have to log into MOS and download the new DB bundles. The doc explains this step too, but if you've done upgrades in the past it'll be new to you. If you're using a customer-managed database, is also now officially supported.

Thursday Dec 11, 2014

Ops Center 12.2.2 now available

Ops Center version 12.2.2 is now available.

The new version includes a number of enhancements, including:

  • Performance improvements
  • An upgrade of the embedded database to version
  • Improved discovery of non-global zones and logical domains
  • Backup and recovery for Proxy Controllers
  • Improvements for Oracle VM Server for SPARC
  • Overlapping network support for Oracle SuperCluster
  • Improvements to Auto Service Request (ASR)
Keep watching this blog for more information about the new content and information about how to upgrade.

Thursday Jul 24, 2014

Upgrading to version 12.2.1

Now that Ops Center 12.2.1 is out, I thought I'd give a brief walkthrough of the upgrade process.

The first thing to do if you're planning on upgrading to 12.2.1 is checking the upgrade paths. If you're using an older version of Ops Center, such as 12.1.4, you'll have to upgrade to version 12.2 first. Here's a flowchart that shows the supported upgrade paths:

Once you've figured out your upgrade path, you should check the release notes. They have a list of known issues that could be relevant to your environment. In particular, if you're using version 12.2, there's a patch that you have to apply if you want to upgrade through the UI.

Once you've taken a look at the release notes, the Upgrade Guide will take you through the upgrade itself, with different procedures based on how you're doing your upgrade (through the UI or command line) and what sort of environment you have.

Thursday Mar 13, 2014

Upgrading to version 12.2

Now that Ops Center 12.2 is out, you might be interested in upgrading to it. We've put together a guide that explains how to perform an upgrade, but I thought I'd explain some of the basics here.

First off, you can only upgrade from version 12.1.3 or 12.1.4, so if you're not on one of those versions already, you need to upgrade to one of them before upgrading to 12.2.

Also, before you upgrade, take a look at these docs and follow their instructions:

Once you've done this, the Upgrade Guide will walk you through the process of upgrading. The book has several chapters, each one tailored to a specific environment (high availability or single Enterprise Controller) and upgrade method (user interface or command line), to make the process as clear as possible.

Thursday Aug 08, 2013

Upgrade question

I got a question about upgrading to 12.1.4:

"I'm trying to do a manual upgrade from 12.1.3 to 12.1.4. I've upgraded the Enterprise Controller, but now I can't find the Proxy Controller upgrade bundle. Where is that?"

This depends on how you're downloading the upgrade bundles.

If you're getting them through the UI, they're put in the /var/opt/sun/xvm/images/productUpdate directory. You can copy them from there to the Proxy Controller systems and do a manual upgrade (or upgrade through the UI if you're so inclined.)

You can also get the Proxy Controller bundles from either the OTN or e-Delivery, and then copy them to the Proxy Controller system.

However you do the download, we recommend that once you've started upgrading your environment, you upgrade the whole thing as soon as you can.

Monday Sep 17, 2012

Upgrading Agent Controllers

There was an update for Oracle Solaris Agents not too long ago. Over on the Oracle Enterprise Manager blog, Steve Stelting has put together a detailed walkthrough for upgrading your environment. It covers downloading the Agent update, seeing what Agents need to be upgraded, and performing the upgrade itself

Speaking of which, the Oracle Enterprise Manager blog often has in-depth posts about Ops Center, so it's well worth a look if you don't follow it.


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