Thursday Oct 23, 2014

Managing user access in multiple sites

An Ops Center user who's setting up their environment sent in a question about their users:

"I'm looking to manage three different data centers from one Enterprise Controller instance. However, the three data centers have different administrators. How can I make sure that each administrator can see and manage only the resources that they're supposed to?"

The answer here is that you can use Ops Center's asset groups, combined with its fine-grained roles capabilities, to control which users can see and do what.

First, you create a new asset group in the Assets section of the UI. In this example, I'm creating a group for one of the three data centers:

Once you've created the group, you can add the correct assets to it, by selecting the assets and clicking Add Asset to Group:

Now that you have the assets for one of the datacenters grouped together, you add that admin to Ops Center:

Then you'll select that user and click the Manage User Roles icon. When the wizard comes up, you make sure they have the correct roles, then deselect the "Use the default role associations" checkbox:

When you click next, you select which groups the roles should apply to. So, for this user, we can apply their Asset Admin role only to the Data Center A group:

And there you have it. Rinse and repeat for other groups and users, and each user will be able to see and manage only the correct assets. For more information, check out the Asset Management and User and Role Management chapters.

Thursday Feb 06, 2014

Assigning a User Roles for Specific Asset Groups

Ops Center's roles give you, as an administrator, a lot of fine-grained control over what each user can do. I heard a question recently that demonstrates this pretty well:

"Is it possible to set up a user defined Group and have a User Role restricted to only have specific roles for this group only?"

Yep. To do this, you select the user from the list in the Admin section and click Manage User Roles to bring up the wizard.

To assign a role to a specific group, you deselect the "Use the default Role associations" option. Then, when you go on to the next step, it lets you select which groups the role applies to:

In this case, the user will have the Asset Admin role only for the Example group. They'll be able to take all of the Asset Admin actions for the assets in that group.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Tuesday Aug 21, 2012

Managing Users and Roles

Ops Center gives you fine-grained control over your users and the tasks that they can carry out.

You can add users to Ops Center either from the local filesystem on the Enterprise Controller, or import them from an external directory server.

You can then give each user a set of roles. Each role gives the user permission to carry out specific tasks. For example, the Report Admin role lets a user run reports and simulate update jobs; the Asset Admin role lets a user discover, manage, and group assets; and the Ops Center Admin role lets a user do anything.

You can also manage the role associations for a user's roles, controlling what targets they apply to. So, you could give a user the Asset Admin role, but then apply it only to a specific group of assets. That user could then manage those assets, but no others.

The User and Role Management chapter in the Admin Guide explains how to add users and directory servers and assign roles to those users.


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