Thursday Jan 28, 2016

CLI Enhancements in 12.3.1

One of the improvements in version 12.3.1 of Ops Center is a set of additional commands for the command-line interface.

The CLI lets you use many of the functions of Ops Center from the command line, and enables you to script some tasks. Beginning in 12.3.1, you can use the following subcommands in the CLI:

  • Plan: Lets you view and delete plans and credentials
  • Security: Lets you deploy and manage security certificates
  • Guest: Lets you view guests

There are also a number of new options for existing subcommands, giving you finer control. Take a look at the What's New and the CLI reference for more information.

Thursday Dec 04, 2014

Command Line Interface

I've seen a couple of questions recently about the Ops Center CLI - what it can do and where it's documented - so I thought I'd give you a brief rundown.

The Ops Center command-line interface lets you perform many of the same tasks that you can perform through the UI, including asset discovery and management, OS and firmware provisioning, and administrative tasks like managing roles and jobs. Not every UI action has an equivalent CLI action, but there are several tables in the CLI guide that explain what it can and cannot do.

The CLI also gives you the ability to script some Ops Center actions, letting you automate regular tasks and run them without using the UI.

For more information about the CLI, take a look at the CLI guide.

Thursday May 08, 2014

CLI Enhancements

Ops Center's Command Line Interface saw a few improvements in 12.2. If you haven't used it, by the way, Ops Center's CLI is a handy tool if you prefer CLI interactions over the UI or if you want to create your own scripts for automation.

The biggest improvement was in the area of certificates. When you connect to your Enterprise Controller from a remote system, you must accept the server's certificates. Once accepted, these certificates are stored in a local trust store and don't need to be accepted each time. You can also use the -a | --accept-all-certificates option to automatically accept these certificates, and use the new certificates mode to view and manage the list of trusted certificates for remote ECs.

There's also a new option, -C <channel>,  that you can use in the Update Mode to specify a channel name when you're creating an OS update profile or working with OS update content.

For more information about the CLI, you should take a look at the Command Line Interface Guide.

Thursday Aug 22, 2013

Ops Center CLI functions

I see questions from time to time about the Ops Center CLI and what you can do with it, so I thought I'd mention a couple of resources.

The Ops Center CLI lets you connect to an Enterprise Controller and perform many tasks from the command line. These tables from the CLI chapter show the features that can be accessed through the CLI; many but not all of the product's features are CLI-accessible.

That same chapter also explains how to log in, how to use the different CLI modes, and how to run scripted jobs through the CLI.

Thursday Aug 16, 2012

Cloud API and CLI guide

One of the new features of Ops Center 12c is the virtual data center, or vDC. I talked a little bit last week about how to set one up.

Once you've got a vDC running, you can manage it in a few different ways. You can always use the Ops Center UI, but you'll likely want to manage vDC resources without having to log into the Ops Center UI each time, so 12c provides two other methods for managing vDC resources.

The first is the cloud infrastructure API. This is a web service interface that lets you manage vDC resources without using the Ops Center UI.

The second is the cloud infrastructure CLI, which lets you manage vDC resources from a terminal.

Both of these options are discussed in detail in the Cloud Infrastructure API and CLI reference guide.


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