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Rolling Back the Job Log

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When a job is
scheduled to run routinely, it uses the same jobID each time. The
Jobs pane will show that job running again and again. When you view
the job's details, you're seeing the results of the most recent run
of the job. But what about previous runs of that job? You can still
view them, but you'll have to go back in time. If that's
inconvenient, use the job's runID, which is the counter for each time the job

Select the job and then click the View Details icon. In
this example, the most recent time the job ran had the counter of
Run-9. Click on the arrow next to the title of Job Details.

When a job runs
routinely, the Run ID is drop-down list. This is where you can select
a previous run.

Suppose we go back three runs to Run 6. Now the View Details icon will show the
events in that run.

There's more about jobs and how to search for jobs in the documentation library.

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