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    May 10, 2013

P2V in Ops Center

Guest Author

I saw a question about physical to virtual migration:

"Does Ops Center have any capabilities that will facilitate the physical to virtual process?"

You can do P2V using Ops Center, but it's not a single-wizard process, and it'll take a bit of tinkering. Basically, you take a flash archive (FLAR) of an existing system, import it, then deploy a host, ldom, or branded zone based on that FLAR. Here's the process in more detail, using an LDom:

  1. Make sure that the source system's OS can run in the intended virtualization technology. LDoms can't support guests using Oracle Solaris 10 6/06, for instance, so you'd have to update the OS before you could virtualize it.
  2. Take a FLAR of the OS.
  3. Upload the FLAR into the Enterprise Controller library.
  4. Create an OS provisioning profile for the FLAR.
  5. Create an LDom profile.
  6. Create a Configure and Install Logical Domains plan that runs the LDom profile and the OS provisioning profile.
  7. Go to the Control Domain or Server Pool in Ops Center and click Create Logical Domains to run the plan.

The Configuring and Installing Logical Domains How-To walks you through steps 4 through 7.

This gives you a virtualized version of the existing OS. Bear in mind that each operating system might have idiosyncracies that need to be fixed, such as placation network changes, physical card access, or changes to volume manger setup. If you run into these issues you can fix them before taking the FLAR or unpack and edit the FLAR using scripts.

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