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    April 23, 2015

Disabling ASR for a specific asset

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Enabling ASR for your environment helps you get quick assistance when you have a hardware issue - Ops Center takes asset information when a hardware incident occurs, and generates a service request based on contact information and MOS credentials that you've provided.

The trick, though, is that you enable ASR for your entire environment. You can provide separate contact info for some groups, but when you enable it it's on for all assets that are associated with the credentials. So, what if you're performing some hardware maintenance, and you don't want to accidentally cause ASR to open a service request?

In cases like this, you can add an asset to a blacklist, to prevent ASRs from being generated for it. Select the Enterprise Controller from the admin section of the UI, then click configuration. In the list of subsystems, select Auto Service Request. You can then enter one or more serial numbers in a comma-separated list in the serial blacklist field to disable ASR creation for those assets. Monitoring of the assets still happens, and ASRs are created for other assets as normal.

The ASR chapter in the Admin guide goes into more detail about how to get ASR running.

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Dana Hudes Thursday, April 30, 2015

    If you remember to put all the components of the asset -- ILOM, OS, guest domains and zones -- in maintenance mode before doing maintenance, I would rather hope that no SR is created and no ASR issue raised.

  • Owen Wednesday, May 6, 2015


    Yes, that's correct. I did a followup post about maintenance mode. Really, putting an asset on the blacklist is for when you never want an asset to generate ASRs.

  • Jay Reeves Wednesday, May 27, 2015

    Is there a limit to how many servers can be populated in the black list? We have a ton of VMWare instances running Solaris and the job log up for ASR activation is loaded with "server is not qualified for ASR". I attempted to put them all in, but after maybe a hundred or so, it throws a java sql internal exception error and won't take any more.

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