Friday Jun 28, 2013

Ops Center 12.1.4 Released

Ops Center version, an update for 12c, has just been released. There are a few new features. The biggest one is support for multiple Automated Installer install services, which means that you can provision any version of Oracle Solaris 11, rather than just one. We've also added support for multi-file VM templates, and enhanced the network configuration support for vServers. You can take a look at the What's New document for more information about the new features.

If you're already using Ops Center, you can download the 12.1.4 upgrade through the UI, or get it from the Oracle Tech Network or from e-delivery. The Upgrade chapter in the Admin Guide explains how to perform the upgrade.

Tuesday Jun 25, 2013

Japanese Documentation

Part of the Oracle team in Japan has just completed a translation of the Ops Center documentation site into Japanese. I recognize that this is only relevant for a certain number of bilingual readers, but if you are one of that select few, you can head over and take a look.

Friday Jun 21, 2013

FAQ: Creating a new LDOM domain

I got a question about creating LDOM domains:

"I have a Server Pool set up, and I need to create a secondary LDom domain on a machine in the pool. When I click on the machine, though, the 'create logical domain' command is grayed out. The machine still has available CPU threads and free RAM. What's going on?"

This one has an easy answer. In a Server Pool, the Create Logical Domain action is under the pool's actions, rather than the individual machine's actions. This is because the Server Pool decides where to put the new domain based on the Server Pool's placement policy. So, in this case, you need to select the Server Pool in the Assets section, and then create the new domain from there.

Thursday Jun 13, 2013

Management Credentials

I got a question about the Management Credentials that are used for managing assets in Ops Center:

"If I change a set of credentials, does Ops Center propagate the changed credentials to all of the assets that use that set?"

The answer is yes.

To provide some additional explanation: each managed asset is linked to Management Credentials that are used to access it. You can have separate Management Credentials for every asset, or share one set for a group of assets that all have the same login credentials. If you change the credentials on the systems, you can edit the Management Credentials to make sure they match the new system creds. Any asset that's using that set of credentials will then automatically start using the new set.

The Feature Reference Guide has a section about Management Credentials that explains how to perform these procedures.

Friday Jun 07, 2013

How To: Configure RAID Controllers

Configuring RAID Controllers in a secure and consistent manner is one of the tasks that you might face in your data center. Ops Center simplifies this process using profiles and plans - you can create a profile and a plan for a RAID Controller that matches your needs, then deploy the plan on the target hardware.

We've put together a How-To that takes you through this process step-by-step, explaining the requirements, showing the profile and plan creation, and the deployment. If you're looking for more information about plans and profiles, there's a larger chapter about them in the Feature Reference Guide.


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