Thursday Feb 18, 2016

Support for Unified Archive (UAR)

Unified Archive, or UAR, is a new feature in Oracle Solaris 11.2. You can use UAR to take an image of an existing system, then use that image for provisioning. Folks have been asking about support for UAR in Ops Center since last year, so we made it a part of Ops Center 12.3.1.

You can import UAR images into Ops Center and provision operating systems, LDoms, and global zones from them, using Ops Center 12.3.1. This procedure explains how to do it, and goes over the prereqs.

Take a look at the What's New to learn more about the other new features in 12.3.1.

Thursday Jan 07, 2016

Upgrading to version 12.3.1

Now that Ops Center 12.3.1 is released, you may be interested in upgrading.

The process is fairly simple - similar to past upgrades - with one important addition. If you're using an embedded database, we've upgraded the version to If you have an embedded database, you'll need to download the installation bundles for before performing the upgrade. If you're using a customer-managed database, you can upgrade your database to at any point after upgrading Ops Center to 12.3.1.

The Upgrade Guide goes into detail about how to upgrade your environment, with separate procedures based on your environment (single EC or HA) and your preferred method of upgrading (UI or command line).

Thursday Dec 24, 2015

Ops Center 12.3.1 Released

Ops Center version 12.3.1 has just been released. There are a number of enhancements here, which I'll discuss in detail in future posts, but here are some of the big features:

  • Expanded support for Kernel Zones, including the ability to create Kernel Zones
  • Expanded Oracle Linux support
  • Dynamic modification of zones
  • Support for JDK 8

There's a more complete list of new features in the What's New document.

You can find out how to upgrade your systems using the Upgrade Guide.

Thursday Dec 11, 2014

Ops Center 12.2.2 now available

Ops Center version 12.2.2 is now available.

The new version includes a number of enhancements, including:

  • Performance improvements
  • An upgrade of the embedded database to version
  • Improved discovery of non-global zones and logical domains
  • Backup and recovery for Proxy Controllers
  • Improvements for Oracle VM Server for SPARC
  • Overlapping network support for Oracle SuperCluster
  • Improvements to Auto Service Request (ASR)
Keep watching this blog for more information about the new content and information about how to upgrade.

Thursday Sep 11, 2014

OCDoctor Updated

The OCDoctor is a tool that you can use to gather prerequisite and troubleshooting information about your systems. It's included in Ops Center, but you can also download it from here.

Update 4.38 was just released a couple of days ago. It has some new checks, including checking the remote database tablespace sizes and looking for lockfiles left over from prior upgrades. Also, if you run the doctor with the --update option from an Agent managed system, it'll pull the latest version from the Enterprise Controller. This could be handy if you're in a site with limited connectivity.

The OCDoctor chapter explains some of the things that you can do with the OC Doctor, so take a look and get the latest version. (Note that if you're using Ops Center in connected mode, the latest version is downloaded automatically.)

Monday Jul 21, 2014

Version 12.2.1 Released

Version 12.2.1 of Ops Center is out today.

There are a number of improvements in this version. The big ones are:

  • Support for discovering x86 64-bit Oracle Sun X4-8 servers through the ILOM SP.
  • Additional options for adding users from an external LDAP, using characteristics like full name or email addresses as Ops Center user names.
  • Audit logs let admins track Ops Center jobs, user logins, and changes to a user's roles.
  • A generic CPU architecture lets you migrate logical domains between systems with different architectures.

We've also made a number of performance enhancements - cutting the start-up times for several parts of Ops Center - and a number of bug fixes. You can find the full listing of what's new here.

For information about upgrading to 12.2.1, take a look at the Upgrade Guide.

If you're on 12.2, you'll need to apply a patch to your environment if you want to upgrade through the UI.  See the Release Notes for more information.

Friday Jun 28, 2013

Ops Center 12.1.4 Released

Ops Center version, an update for 12c, has just been released. There are a few new features. The biggest one is support for multiple Automated Installer install services, which means that you can provision any version of Oracle Solaris 11, rather than just one. We've also added support for multi-file VM templates, and enhanced the network configuration support for vServers. You can take a look at the What's New document for more information about the new features.

If you're already using Ops Center, you can download the 12.1.4 upgrade through the UI, or get it from the Oracle Tech Network or from e-delivery. The Upgrade chapter in the Admin Guide explains how to perform the upgrade.

Monday Apr 01, 2013

Version 12.1.3 is released

Version 12.1.3 of Ops Center was just released. There are some bug fixes, but also some feature additions and enhancements:

  • New hardware and virtualization support: Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0, Oracle SPARC T5-1B, T5-2, and T5-4 are all supported.
  • Improved performance for adding Oracle Solaris 11 ISOs to the library.
  • Enhanced logical domain guest support: You can now attach a network multiple times to a logical domain using the same vswitch.
  • Better display of incidents' alert status in the dashboard.

You can download the new version through the UI, or get it from the Oracle Technology Network or e-Delivery.

Take a look at the documentation library for more information. The Upgrade chapter tells you how to upgrade, and the "What's New In This Release" goes into more detail about the new features.

Friday Dec 07, 2012

Agent Controller update

There's an updated version of the Ops Center 12.1.2 Agent Controller available which fixes an upgrade issue on Oracle Solaris 10 and an installation issue on Oracle Solaris 11.

Take a look at the readme for information about whether you should upgrade, and if so, how to do so. Upgrade instructions are available in the Administration Guide.

Friday Nov 09, 2012

Ops Center Update 2 is available!

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Release 1, Update 2 ( is available.

This release includes support for Oracle Solaris 11.1 and Oracle Linux 6.3, support for HMP 2.2.3, improved options for adding users from remote directory servers, and a few other useful features. A list of new features is in What's New. You can view the documentation online, or you can download a zip file of the library from the Overview tab.

If you're running Ops Center in connected mode, the updates are delivered to the UI. If you are in disconnected mode or have not yet installed Ops Center, you can go to the Ops Center download page to get the latest release. Before installing or upgrading to Ops Center 12c Update 2, review the Release Notes for things to watch out for, then see the upgrade instructions in the Administration Guide.

Wednesday Sep 05, 2012

Update for Oracle Solaris Agents

There's an update available for S10 and S11 Agents that fixes a few known Agent issues.

The Upgrade chapter of the Admin Guide explains how to get it. Basically, you can download it through the UI if you're in connected mode, through the Ops Center Downloads option under Administration. You can also download it from the OTN.

Monday Jul 30, 2012

Update for Oracle Solaris 11 Agents

There's an update available for Oracle Solaris 11 Agent Controllers. If you are on S11, this update could help you avoid an issue during OS provisioning, where the OSP doesn't automatically accept the license of packages installed by IPS, causing the provisioning to fail.

You can download and apply the update through the UI, or download it from the OTN. The Upgrade chapter in the Admin guide has the instructions for downloading and applying the new update.


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