Quinta-feira Mar 13, 2014

Online Demo Environment - New and Upgraded Technology Workshops

Global Sales Engineering (GSE) is pleased to announce availability of new and upgraded customer workshop platform. With the addition of new demo titles, GSE now offers a total of approximately 100 participant seats per day, 4 days per week, across the most popular technology demo titles.


  • New Workshops demo titles available in the following areas:
    • Database 12c Overview
    • Database 12c Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)/Partitioning/Compression
    • Webcenter Sites
    • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
  • Updates to existing workshop titles:
    • Business Process Management (BPM)
    • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    • WebLogic Server (CAF/WLS)
  • Upgraded version of the following demo titles will be available in March
    • Database Security
    • Middleware (WLS) Management Pack

Call to Action

  • Learn how to reserve workshops with our improved website in this 2 minute video
  • Sales Consultants can reserve workshop seats on a self-service basis
  • Review the information for browser setup and other documents under Useful Links

If you have questions or feedback, please contact Karthik.Kanwar@oracle.com and Gregory.Thurston@oracle.com in GSE.


If you need assistance or encounter any issues please submit a GSE Repository ticket or call the GSE Support Hotline for assistance. The GSE Support Hotline is available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, at +44-118-9240808.

Domingo Nov 28, 2010

Oracle Demonstration Solution Services (DSS) - eSeminar para Parceiros - 16/Dez/10

Sabem que a Oracle disponibiliza aos seus parceiros um ambiente de demos acessível via web? Pois é verdade, chama-se Demonstration Solutions Services (DSS).

O DSS é usado regularmente pelos especialistas de produto da própria Oracle para realização de demonstrações dos produtos Oracle mais recentes aos seus clientes, e está igualmente disponível para os parceiros registados no serviço.

Temos o prazer de vos convidar para assistirem a um eSeminar em que os especialistas da Oracle farão uma 'visita guiada' ao sistema DSS e demonstrarão aos nossos parceiros como podem tirar partido deste recurso.

Podem encontrar o link de registo aqui.

Quarta-feira Set 08, 2010

DSS Demo: Preview OBIEE 11g Platform and Solutions Demo Now Available!


Está disponível no DSS uma nova demo do Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Platform (Preview) que apresenta as características desta solução de Business Intelligence líder de mercado.

Para aceder a esta demo vá ao site do DSS para Parceiros Oracle. A zona de acesso a esta demo inclui um guião e instruções detelhadas.

Se é Parceiro Oracle e gostaria de ter acesso às demos de Tecnologia do DSS, por favor contacte o Partner Business Center (tel. 800 207 211).


OBIEE 11g Platform

DSS OBIEE 11g Platform provides an enterprise class environment that can be customized to cater to individual customer needs. OBIEE 11g Platform is configured with the new full 11g SampleApp to highlight the depth and richness of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g capabilities.



Highlights of Sample App (Preview)

The new OBI EE SampleApp (build 825) is a collection of dashboards, reports, and semantic model examples that help better understand and deploy comprehensive capabilities of OBI EE platform. Through its set of best practices designs, it provides with a practical and intuitive way to discover, learn and rapidly leverage OBIEE 11g capabilities.

  • Analysis and Semantic Models Best practices - Leverages multiple distinct physical sources federated in a single business model, and supporting numerous functional analysis examples.
  • Enterprise Reporting - Delivered via Oracle BI Publisher, this functionality allows the creation of highly formatted templates, reports and documents.
  • Actionable Intelligence - The OBIEE 11g action framework turns insights into actions by providing the ability to invoke business process from within the business intelligence dashboards and reports.
  • Mapviewer - Integration of geographical map-views for providing spatial information using the OBIEE11g dashboard.
  • Scorecard and Strategy Management - Scorecard and Strategy Management extends OBIEE with capabilities of securely sharing strategic goals across the organization and monitoring progress over time against detailed Key Performance Indicators.



Coming Soon:

  • Business Applications (OBIA)
  • Oracle Data Integration 11g (ODI 11g)
  • Discoverer 11g
  • Updated SampleApp content

Bill of Materials (Software)

  • Weblogic
  • SQL Developer
  • Essbase Server 11.1.2
  • Essbase Integration Services 11.1.2
  • Essbase Studio 11.1.2
  • Database
  • WebCache
  • Webtier (OHS)
  • Jdeveloper
  • Essbase Administration Services 11.1.2
  • Hyperion Foundation services 11.1.2

Demo/Solution Offerings

· Standard Demos



Show the pre-built demos/solutions on OBIEE 11g Platform to prospective customers by registering a standard demo. Standard demo environments are available on-demand and are self-service.


· Customizable Demos



Build custom solutions, addressing specific customer/industry problems, by requesting a Customizable OBIEE 11g environment. You will also be able to reuse a demo built for one deal in another deal by archiving and restoring the customized environment.



· SampleApp Overview Join Philippe Lions as he walks us through a preview of the new SampleApp for OBIEE 11g.

· SampleApp Download and FAQ Download the latest version of SampleApp available, access the FAQ content

· Frequently Asked Questions  - Online FAQ's will get you started with Customizable Demos.



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