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OMM Trainings and recorded Webcasts for Partners


 OMM What it is and why we have it, benefits to partners and details of the initiatives - Play Offering


 OMM Policy Details of the rules governing the global OMM policy - Play Offering 


 OMM Pre-Requisites and Criteria How to get started and required criteria for registration - Play Offering


 OMM Registration Creation How to create and submit an OMM registration using the PRM system - Play Offering


 OMM Registration Hints and Tips Tips to ensure a smooth registration submission - Play Offering


 OMM Registration Status + Notes Details on the different registration status available and information provided in notes - Play Offering


 OMM Registrations for Public Sector Policy details for registrations specific to the public sector and public tenders - Play Offering


 FAQ Resale Answers to frequently asked questions specific to the OMM Resale initiative - Play Offering


 FAQ Referral/Co-Sell Answers to frequently asked questions specific to the OMM Referral and Co-Sell initiative - Play Offering


 FAQ General Answers to frequently asked questions around OMM - Play Offering


 OMM Payments Details of OMM fees payable to partners and the payment process - Play Offering



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