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  • Oracle Certification Newsletter
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    Information for current and prospective certified professionals. Published monthly.
  • Oracle Security Alerts
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    Published as they become available.
  • Oracle University Course Schedule
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    New classes and training schedules. Published bi-monthly; customized to your geography.
  • Plugged In
    Oracle's Plugged In newsletter brings its subscribers Oracle Applications news, user group updates, Advisor Webcast alerts, upgrade info, and support news--all targeted to customers of Oracle applications product lines. Published monthly. Global editions available.
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  • .Net Developer
    News, downloads, and code for the .NET community. Published monthly.
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  • Oracle's Arch2Arch Newsletter 
    News and tips for Oracle Technology Network's Architect community. Published monthly.
  • Oracle's Dev2DBA Newsletter
    News, downloads, and code for Oracle Technology Network's Database Application Developer and Admin communities. Published monthly.
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  • Oracle's Dev2Dev Newsletter 
    News, downloads, and code for Oracle Technology Network's Java Developer community. Published monthly.
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Inside news and original content you won't find anywhere else, delivered to your inbox each quarter, on Oracle applications and technology solutions.

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Choose from these editions:

  • Content Management
    News on Oracle's content management suite and platform, including Oracle Content Database and Stellent products. [See a sample]
  • Customer Relationship Management
    Oracle and Siebel CRM products, including Siebel CRM On Demand, focusing on sales, marketing, customer service, analytics, and call center topics. [See a sample]
  • Database Insider
    News on Oracle Database 11g, including interviews, market news, executive webcasts, and user group and tech guru analysis. (Monthly) [See a sample]
  • Enterprise Manager
    Developments and product news highlighting Oracle Enterprise Manager's unique top-down approach to application management, including new releases, enhancements, blogs, podcasts, and video. [See a sample]
  • Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence
    Oracle EPM and BI product news from both the technical and the applications perspective, with emphasis on Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition, Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, Oracle Performance Management Applications, and Oracle Crystal Ball. (Every two months) [See a sample]
  • Executive Strategy
    The newsletter for Profit Online, offering the best of Oracle's executive content, blogs, podcasts, and in-depth articles from Profit. (Monthly) [See a sample]
  • Executive Strategy Weekly Bulletin
    Keep up with Profit Online every week with the newly launched Executive Strategy Weekly Bulletin. Get regular updates from Profit Online sent to your inbox every Wednesday. (Weekly) [See a sample]
  • Financial Management
    Focused on content for CFO's, including product and event news, in-depth analysis from industry pundits, and Oracle executive content. [See a sample]
  • Financial Services
    Insightful looks at the global financial services market, including product news and reviews, special content from i-flex, and emphasis on regulation and security in the banking industry. [See a sample]
  • Fusion Middleware
    News, reviews, and insights on the continually evolving, industry-leading Oracle Fusion Middleware suite of products including Oracle WebCenter, Oracle SOAsuite, identity management, application integration, BPEL, and J2EE. (Every two months) [See a sample]
  • Human Capital Management
    The latest news on Oracle and PeopleSoft HCM applications from drill-downs into Release 9 and Web 2.0 innovations to interviews with industry pundits and analysts on major trends in HR. [See a sample]
  • Lean Supply Chain
    News and analysis from the fast-moving world of global manufacturing, with an emphasis on the growing movement in Lean philosophies and the importance of IT in goods production and distribution. [See a sample]
  • Linux
    News on Oracle's continuing contributions to the Linux community, including events, offers, and links to technical articles on OTN and in Oracle Magazine. [See a sample]
  • On Demand
    Articles on evolving trends in the growing world of software-as-a-service, including new services and technologies available from Oracle. [See a sample]
  • Oracle for Midsize Companies
    The latest developments and product news from Oracle's broad range of solutions for fast-growing companies, in addition to articles on business trends and news from Oracle executives and industry analysts. [See a sample]
  • Procurement
    Product news and industry analysis on managing, leveraging, and maximizing supplier relationships in a fast-moving global economy. [See a sample]
  • Public Sector
    News on Oracle solutions for government organizations and educational institutions, as well as news about how local, state, and federal agencies are embracing new technologies and best practices from private enterprise. [See a sample]
  • Retail
    Articles and product news that follow the latest developments in the highly competitive world of retail, including topics such as merchandising, the integration of SOA technologies, and global growth. [See a sample]

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