Terça-feira Fev 17, 2015

Bootcamp Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration - 9 a 15 Mar/15

Bootcamp Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration
(para Parceiros OPN)

Data de realização: 9 a 15 de Março.

Para ver os conteúdos clique aqui.

Dados para registo: info@skillstep.pt
Tel: 218 051 772

Segunda-feira Mar 17, 2014

Live Virtual Exadata Database Machine Sales & PreSales Night School

Dear Partner,

After April, 1st, 2014, the previous Exadata Database Machine Models X2-2 and X2-8 OPN Specialization will no longer qualify for partner companies to be Exadata Specialized. 

With the launch of the Exadata X3 and X4 models, OPN specialists (Sales, Presales and Implementation) must recertify by passing the new Oracle Exadata Database Machine 2014 specialists assessments.

To help partners to prepare for these tests, we are organizing the Exadata Database Machine 2014 Sales & PreSales Night School. This will provide Sales and PreSales consultants with an overview of the new features and benefits of the Exadata X3 and X4 models, together with the customer value propositions, and selling strategies. 

The knowledge gained from this course can be used for both new account development, and for targeting existing accounts for upgrades and consolidation projects.

The sessions are delivered as a Live Virtual Class which you can attend directly from your desktop.

Session 1 - March, 17th
(18:00-20:00 CET, 5-7 pm UK)
Audience: Sales and PreSales Consultants

Duration: Two hours - Live Virtual Class

The first day of the Night School takes a look at the market size, trends, and opportunities for the Exadata Database Machine versions X4-2 and X3-8. It will focus on the knowledge and skills needed to be fully equipped to explain the benefits provided by the new features of Exadata, allowing them to address specific business challenges faced by their customers.

Session 2 - March, 18th
(18:00-20:00 CET, 5-7 pm UK)
Audience: PreSales Consultants

Duration: Two hours - Live Virtual Class

The second day of the Night School provides a deeper technical overview of the product's features, technical capabilities and benefits, system architecture, customer value propositions, and sales strategies.

Learn to:

  • Describe the key features, benefits and capabilities of the Exadata Database Machine and how they provide the hardware platform of choice for many key Oracle solutions.
  • Qualify customer needs and requirements, and align them to the strengths of the product.
  • Describe Exadata system architecture and key technology features.
  • Upsell and cross-sell opportunities for Exadata.
  • Position and overcome customer objections for Exadata.


  • Sales and Presales consultants that had passed the Exadata OPN Specialists assessments for the Exadata Database Machine Models X2-2 and X2-8 and want to update to the Oracle Exadata Database Machine 2014 specializationMiddleware EMEA.
  • Sales and Presales consultants that want to become Oracle Exadata Database Machine 2014 specialized Middleware EMEA.
  • This training is open for registration to Oracle Partners from Europe, Middle East and Africa only.


  • Free of charge for Oracle Partners.

Don't miss this opportunity and Register Today!

Domingo Dez 29, 2013

HW: eSTEP Newsletter for December 2013 now available

Dear Partners,

We would like to let you know that the December'13 issue of our Newsletter is now available. The issue contains information on the following topics:

Modern Business Nightmare: The Staggering Costs When Your Cloud Goes Down

Corp News
Oracle Corporate
Oracle Database, Middleware and Technology, Applications
Oracle Sponsors OpenStack Foundation; Offers Customers Ability to Use OpenStack to Manage Oracle Cloud Products and Services
Oracle Recognizes the Independent Oracle User Group and Belgium Java User Group for Innovative Programs Promoting Oracle Engineered Systems and Java Education for Kids

Tech sectione's
Announcing ZFS Storage ZS3 OS8 Minor 1, 16Gb FC ATO support, LOD extension for 15K rpm drives and 512 GB Read Flash
World Record Single System TPC-H @10000GB Benchmark on SPARC T5-4
Why Move My Oracle Database to New SPARC Hardware?
Oracle Solaris 11 Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Manage an Oracle Exadata Database Machine?
Announcing Oracle Linux 6.5 including the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3
Part Number Transitions - SPARC T4-4 Servers Still Available
Announcing: New Last Order Date (LOD) for SPARC M8000 and M9000 Servers
Announcing Oracle Key Manager 3
Announcing StorageTek T10000D FICON
Announcing Lower StorageTek SL150 LTO Pricing
Announcing Sun Storage 2500-M2 End of Life

Tech blog 
Detected: Application availability entry points
Announcement: E-Business Suite Release 11i certified with Oracle Database 11gR2 for Oracle Solaris 11 on SPARC as a Database Tier only platform
Oracle Database Appliance 2.8 is now available on MOS
Where to download Oracle Solaris ISO images and Update Releases
Presentations on OVCA & OVN

Learning & events
Planned Techcasts
High Availability vs. Disaster Recovery

On-Demand Oracle Optimized Solutions Training Available Now!
Oracle’s IT Webcast Center:
Online Forum: Plug into Database as a Service

How to
How to Limit Upgrades Beyond a Prescribed Version of Oracle Solaris

How to Set Up DTrace to Detect PHP Scripting Problems on Oracle Linux
Validating the Fusion Applications Security Components during Installations and Upgrades

Looking beyond System/HW
Event- Driven SOA

Federal Taxation Service of Russia Ensures 30% Tax Revenue Increase, Cuts Storage Costs 10x, and Centralizes Data Access
Banca Transilvania Out Performs with Exalogic and Exadata
IDDEEA Gains a 50x Faster Response for Processing Bosnia and Herzegovina Citizen ID Cards—with 400% More Storage and Tripled Processing Power
First Investment Bank Cuts Day-End Close from Six Hours to Three, Processes Customer Transactions 30% Faster
Kıraça Holding Counts Its Inventory 22% Faster and Cuts Warehouse Space

9 Reasons Why You Must Update Your LinkedIn Profile Today
14 Ways To Stay Focused At Work This Holiday Season

You can find the Newsletter on our portal under eSTEP News ---> Latest Newsletter. You will need to provide your email address and the pin below to get access. Link to the portal is shown below.

URL: http://launch.oracle.com/
PIN: eSTEP_2011

Previous published Newsletters can be found under the Archived Newsletters section and more useful information under the Events, Download and Links tab. Feel free to explore and any feedback is appreciated to help us improve the service and information we deliver.

Thanks and best regards,

Partner HW Enablement EMEA

Domingo Jul 28, 2013

Live Online Forum: Oracle Systems with Solaris - 7/Ago/13, 17h

Oracle Systems with Solaris – Best platform for Oracle Software

Join Oracle for this special event as we take an in-depth look at how Oracle Solaris is co-engineered with Oracle’s systems and software to deliver the best possible user experience. Join us Wednesday, August 7th from 17:00 -19:00 (Portugal Time). Register today.

Quarta-feira Jul 03, 2013

SPARC T5-8 Servers EMEA Acceleration Promotion for Partners

Dear all

We are pleased to announce the EMEA T5-8 Acceleration Promotion, a price promotion that, for a limited time, makes the T5-8 server available to our EMEA partners at a very attractive discount.

Why the SPARC T5-8 server

Sparc T5-8Oracle's SPARC servers running Oracle Solaris are ideal for mission-critical applications requiring high performance, best-in-class availability, and unmatched scalability on all application tiers. SPARC servers include built-in virtualization, systems management, and security at no additional cost. Designed for applications that demand the highest performance and 24x7 availability.

Oracle's SPARC T5-8 server is the fastest and the most advanced, scalable midrange server in the Oracle portfolio.

The Oracle SPARC T5-8 server is in the sweet spot of the UNIX midrange, and directly competing with IBM P770(+) and P780(+) systems, with a 7x price advantage (see official Oracle press release) over a similarly configured P780 system!

What are we offering

Effective immediately, the fully-configured T5-8 server is available to VADs with a 38% discount off price list: this is 8 additional points on top of the standard 30% contractual discount.

The promo will be communicated to VADs and VARs, and VADs are expected to pass the additional discount through to the VARs. Resellers will be encouraged to use this attractive price to position T5-8 versus the competition, accelerate T5-8 sales, and use the increased margin to offer additional services to their end users - thus expanding their footprint within their customers and making the T5-8 business proposition even more compelling.

This is a unique opportunity for partners to expand their base and beat the competition with a 7x price advantage over a similarly configured IBM P780.

This price promotion is only available to OPN Partners, and is valid until November 30, 2013.

What's in it for Partners

 More competitive price
 More customer budget available for more projects: attach migration services, training, ...
 Opportunity to attach Storage, and additional Software
 Higher win rate

Additional Details

Sparc T5-8

The promotion is valid for the existing configurations of T5-8 with 8 CPU and different memory configurations, including all X-options that are part of the system and ordered at the same time. 8% additional discount to the VAD on full T5-8 - Including X-Options:

  • Cat V (30% + 8% additional): System, CPU, Memory, Disks, Ethernet
  • Cat U (22% + 8% additional): Infiniband HCA
  • Cat W (30% + 8% additional): FC/SAS HBA / FCoE CNA

Partner eligibilty criteria

Standard requirements apply. Partners must:

Order process

The promotion is available until November 30, 2013.

VADs place the order via Oracle Partner Store. A request for extra-discount has to be raised in advance using the standard process for available configs:

  • input the configuration
  • apply the suggested discounts
  • submit the request
  • in the request documentation, please refer to EMEA T5-8 FY14H1 Channel Promotion as approved in GDMT GT-EB2-Q413-107C

This promotion is only valid for the T5-8 configurations stated in this announcement. Any change, or additional products / items not listed explicitly, can be ordered at the same time and will follow standard approval process.

Key contacts

Best regards,

Olivier Tordo

Senior Director, Sales & Strategy, Hardware Solutions
EMEA Alliances & Channels

Paul Flannery

Senior Director, EMEA Servers Product Management


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