Quarta-feira Abr 13, 2016

IaaS - Recorded PTS Webinars

In March the PTS Team did a series of IaaS Webinars for Partners. These have been recorded and made available on the PTS Bootcamps Landing Pad - LINK

There are 7 recordings from March below that your Partners may be interested in. Please refer back to the LINK from time to time for new titles and content.


Terça-feira Abr 12, 2016

9 Days of Learning About Engineered Advantages

Welcome to “9 days of Engineered Advantages”, a comprehensive educational program for partners that will explore the unique differentiators of Oracle’s infrastructure portfolio for Cloud Solutions.

We’ll provide focused content to help you better understand how Oracle’s products – architected from apps to storage by a single engineering team – are optimized for critical workloads, and deliver the best value proposition in the market. There are incredible opportunities today for every partner to grow their Oracle business and to increase revenue with new and existing customers.

Give just 15 minutes a day and we’ll arm you with the essential knowledge and proven Engineered Systems sales plays to address customers toughest questions, increase your deal size and drive more hardware opportunities into your pipeline.

As a first welcome for today you can watch a short video why you should partner with Oracle and leverage Engineered System Advantages for Cloud Solutions to grow your business.

Register now to start your 9 days learning about Engineered Advantages. After registration you will receive an overview of 9 days of Engineered Advantages to grow your Oracle business and increase the revenue opportunity with new and existing customers.

Quarta-feira Mar 23, 2016

Oracle Data Visualization - Sales Readiness - 14 / ABR / 2016

A Arrow e Oracle convidam para a apresentação da solução Oracle Data Visualization, que elimina as tradicionais barreiras à adoção de ferramentas analíticas, permitindo que de forma muito intuitiva, apelativa e visual os utilizadores de negócio estabeleçam um diálogo com os seus dados.
A solução oferece a autonomia necessária para responder de forma flexível ao dinamismo do negócio, revelando tendências e permitindo descobrir novos padrões de forma ágil. Grande oportunidade para a rede de parceiros explorar a integração do Oracle Data Visualization como face analítica dos seus assets, complementando a sua oferta com uma solução de grande impacto visual.

Que benefícios poderá aportar à sua empresa o Oracle Data Visualization?

  • Visual
  • Self Service
  • Mobile
  • Versatilidade na forma de disponibilização

Esperamos por si no próximo dia 14 de abril, nos escritórios da Oracle, no Lagoas Park em Porto Salvo, às 09.30h.

Para mais detalhes sobre AGENDA e REGISTO, por favor consulte este link:


Terça-feira Mar 01, 2016

Oracle Infrastructure Cloud Briefing Webcast - Partner Briefing

The Oracle team is pleased to invite you to an important Partner Briefing. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers a set of core infrastructure capabilities of elastic compute, network and storage to provide customers the ability to run any workload in the cloud.

Expected Outcome


  • Understanding of Oracle Compute and Storage Cloud capabilities and their fit in today's modern cloud architecture
  • Discuss Customer use cases such as Dev Operations and IT Operations (e.g. Build, Configure, Deploy, Orchestrate, Operate
  • Oracle and non-Oracle workloads on Oracle Cloud
  • Identify opportunities for Partners
  • Next steps for deeper training and go-to market


Registration Fee

This event is offered FREE of charge to select Oracle Partners.

Event Details:
March 22, 2016
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Timezone CET

Register now!

Segunda-feira Fev 22, 2016

Guided Learning Path to become an Oracle Big Data 2016 Implementation Specialist

To get access to a Guided Learning path your Partner organization needs to have active Oracle Partner Network Membership and you need to have subscribed your personal Oracle.com account badged to your company OPN-ID.
You can also call the Oracle Partner Business Center, if you need further help to setup your personal oracle.com account.

With your oracle.com account you can access the Implementation Pre Recorded Modules for Big Data 2016 here: https://competencycenter.oracle.com/opncc/full_glp.cc?group_id=31951

Please be sure to take the Sales and Presales GLPs and assessments before starting the Implementation TOD?
The Sales and Pre-Sales assessments are prerequisites for this course.  This training provides the basic foundation for Big Data.  The implementation TOD Boot Camp does not cover the Big Data basics so the sales and pre-sales GLPs and assessments should be taken first to ensure success. It counts towards the Sales and PreSales Specialist requirements for the upcoming Big Data  Specialization.  

Can I watch the TOD modules out of order?
No, we recommend you watch the modules in the following order and complete the labs in order as well to complement the modules.  


  1. Big Data Overview
  2. Hadoop Deep Dive pt 1
  3. Hadoop Deep Dive pt 2
  4. Apache Pig
  5. NoSQL 
  6. Oracle Loader for Hadoop
  7. Oracle SQL Connector for Hadoop
  8. Oracle XQuery for Hadoop
  9. Big Data SQL
  10. Big Data Security 
  11. Big Data Discovery Overview
  12. Big Data Discovery Features for Technical People


Is there a hands on component to this lab?
Yes, the lab uses the Big Data Lite VM  that is downloadable from the Oracle Technology Network.  The lab is certified for version 4.2.1  The Deployment Guide (attached) and the Lab Guide (attached) walk you through downloading the VM.  Each module has labs at the end.  We recommend you do the labs in the order of the Lab Guide, there are certain labs that build on each other.

To run the Big Data Lite VM, you must run it on a system with at least 5GB of memory.  This system can be a laptop, desktop or a server that you have access too.  You will also need 60GB of hard drive space to download the virtual machine.

Where do I get the exercises for the lab?
The exercise file will be sent in a separate email with a zip file attachment.

What if I can't login or play the modules?  
Make sure you are using the recommended browser and the correct single sign on mapped to your company.  In order to access the training modules you will be asked to login using your OPN (Oracle PartnerNetwork) account credentials. In case you do not have an OPN account please see the Profile badging step-by-step guide for partners on how to create the account. This process will also ensure your certifications are aligned to your company ID. All registrants must be badged and aligned to their company ID.

When do I start?
Now!  We recommend you start today by downloading and installing the VM, then go through 1 a day to ensure you meet the deadline and give yourself enough time to digest the material.   You may need to go through certain sections twice to ensure you grasp the material.  


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