Thursday May 28, 2015

Save the Date: EMEA Commerce Cloud Partner Workshop

Great news: We’re bringing our exclusive three-day workshop for our top partners in EMEA. The EMEA Oracle Commerce Cloud Service Workshop in Amsterdam/Utrecht, Netherlands on June 23, 24, and 25.

Join Oracle Commerce Cloud Product Management and Product Development over the course of 3 days as we dive into Oracle Commerce Cloud Service. Oracle Commerce Cloud Partners are key players in the success of this new solution. Oracle Commerce Cloud is focused on simplicity and rapid deployment. With a prebuilt Responsive Design storefront, reusable widgets and intuitive tools to manage the catalog and experience, you can get your customers live in weeks, not months.

Why Attend the event?

Day 1 is the chance for business and technical users to learn the basics about Oracle Commerce Cloud and our go-to-market strategy so you can identify new opportunities for your businesses.

Day 2 & 3 is for technical users to get a deep dive into Oracle Commerce Cloud with topics such as designing sites, managing product catalogs, leveraging integration points, and working with the API-first architecture.

Dates and Location

Day 1 – Amsterdam (airport hotel), June 23
Day 2 & 3 – Utrecht (NL), June 24 & 25

Save the date, and start planning. Registration will open soon and seats will be extremely limited, so please register early. Day 1 will be open to all OPN members; participation in Days 2 & 3 will be more limited due to space & training format considerations..

If you have any questions please contact Richard Lefebvre at

Thursday Mar 19, 2015

Extending Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle Platform-as-a-Service

The Oracle team is pleased to invite you to a 5-day hands-on workshop on Extending Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). We invite you to join the workshop InClass or Remotely (avoid travel time and travel costs by joining remotely).A workshop consists of live presentations, live demos, and hands-on laboratory exercises. Objective is to help delivery consultants understand How to Extend Oracle Sales Cloud using Oracle Platform as a Service.

IMPORTANT: These workshops are available to selected Oracle Partners with a current OPN Gold Level or higher membership. A fully executed Oracle Cloud Services Training Addendum is required for this workshop.The Extending Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle Platform-as-a-Service for EMEA partners will take place at the following places:

  • 23rd- 27th March, 2015
    Location: UK, TVP. Remote participation is possible
  • 4th- 8th May, 2015
    Location: Spain, Madrid. Remote participation is possible.
  • 14th- 18th June, 2015
    Location: United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Remote participation is possible.

Thursday Mar 27, 2014

ISV Community Portal

Scopri il nuovo Portale


In collaborazione con ComputerGross è stato creato il nuovo portale di canale ISV Community

Computer Gross

L'obiettivo è di fornire agli ISV un facile accesso ai toolkit, alla documentazione tecnica, alle guide di integrazione ed al supporto tecnico di Oracle.

Panoramica del Programma

Il portale ISV COMMUNITY è parte di un programma rivolto agli ISV per sostenere i Partner ad utilizzare le piattaforme Oracle nella creazione di soluzioni aziendali innovative per fornire ai clienti i "plus"per eccellere in un mercato sempre più globale e competitivo.

All'interno dell'area riservata sarà possibile trovare tutte le informazioni relative al programma ISV COMMUNITY aggiornate costantemente da specialisti Oracle, oltre alla presenza di un percorso formativo che permette di essere sempre aggiornati su prodottti e soluzioni finalizzati al raggiungimento delle certificazioni.

Il Portale ISV COMMUNITY permette inoltre di accedere a tutti quegli strumenti ed ambienti demo dotati di tecnologie e soluzioni di ultima generazione di Oracle oltre alla possibilità di programmare attività per il porting delle applicazioni.

Iscriviti oggi stesso all' ISV COMMUNITY: aiuterai i tuoi clienti a trasformare il loro modo di implementare, utlizzare ed adottare soluzioni di successo.

Click Here!

Per ulteriori informazioni e maggiori dettagli contatta il Team Oracle presso ComputerGross (Distributore Oracle Remarketeer autorizzato)

Paolo Becherelli - Product Specialist Oracle - 335.1647758
Francesco Antonelli - Oracle BDM - 335.1263932
Cristina Masi - Hardware Sales Support - 0571.997717
Irene Palatresi - Software Sales Support - 0571.997927

Team A&C Oracle:

Anita Redaelli - A&C Marketing -02 24959252
Stefano Camisa  - A&C Channel Manager - 02 24959352

Wednesday Mar 12, 2014

New Programs & Enrollments OPN Membership System

Now Live:

New Programs & Enrollments OPN Membership System

Audience: All Indirect Sales & Operations and Direct Sales & Operations Working with Partners

We are pleased to announce OPN Membership Programs and Enrollments (P&E) are now live in the Oracle Partner Store (OPS) and Fusion applications.

What this Means:

OPS now offers our partners Program and Enrollment processes that are streamlined, automated, and fully integrated to our best in class deal registration and ordering. Complimenting this Fusion now provides Oracle sales reps and managers with a complete view into their partners' OPN program information. To access the tool navigate to the P&E Internal User Interface.

It's important to note agreement start and end dates are now being systematically enforced. When OPN Memberships expire all other privileges for the partner will cease. This includes deal registration and ordering (OPS, EDI/XML, and offline) until the membership is renewed. Manage your business/partners and accordingly

Training Resources:

  • Oracle Employees: Complete project information can be found on the MyO Deployment Readiness Page. This includes archived communications, upcoming trainings, and training replays.
  • Partners: Please help spread awareness to your partners. Forward them this External Communication and encourage them to attend one of the trainings detailed within.

We are excited to launch the new OPN Programs & Enrollment solution within the Oracle Partner Store and will continue taking steps to improve our partners' experience.

Best Regards,
Titina Ott

Contact your regional Partner Business Center

Monday Feb 24, 2014

Nightschool - Oracle Exadata for Sales & Pres

After April, 1st, 2014, the previous Exadata Database Machine Models X2-2 and X2-8 OPN Specialization will no longer qualify for partner companies to be Exadata Specialized.

With the launch of the Exadata X3 and X4 models, OPN specialists (Sales, Presales and Implementation) must recertify by passing the new Oracle Exadata Database Machine 2014 specialists assessments.

To help partners to prepare for these tests, we are organizing the Exadata Database Machine 2014 Sales & PreSales Night School. This will provide Sales and PreSales consultants with an overview of the new features and benefits of the Exadata X3 and X4 models, together with the customer value propositions, and selling strategies.

The knowledge gained from this course can be used for both new account development, and for targeting existing accounts for upgrades and consolidation projects.

The sessions are delivered as a Live Virtual Class which you can attend directly from your desktop.

Session 1 - March, 17th
(18:00-20:00 CET, 5-7 pm UK)
Audience: Sales and PreSales Consultants

Duration: Two hours - Live Virtual Class

The first day of the Night School takes a look at the market size, trends, and opportunities for the Exadata Database Machine versions X4-2 and X3-8. It will focus on the knowledge and skills needed to be fully equipped to explain the benefits provided by the new features of Exadata, allowing them to address specific business challenges faced by their customers.

Session 2 - March, 18th
(18:00-20:00 CET, 5-7 pm UK)
Audience: PreSales Consultants

Duration: Two hours - Live Virtual Class

The second day of the Night School provides a deeper technical overview of the product's features, technical capabilities and benefits, system architecture, customer value propositions, and sales strategies.

Learn to:

Describe the key features, benefits and capabilities of the Exadata Database Machine and how they provide the hardware platform of choice for many key Oracle solutions.

Qualify customer needs and requirements, and align them to the strengths of the product.

Describe Exadata system architecture and key technology features.

Upsell and cross-sell opportunities for Exadata.

Position and overcome customer objections for Exadata.


Sales and Presales consultants that had passed the Exadata OPN Specialists assessments for the Exadata Database Machine Models X2-2 and X2-8 and want to update to the Oracle Exadata Database Machine 2014 specializationMiddleware EMEA.

Sales and Presales consultants that want to become Oracle Exadata Database Machine 2014 specialized Middleware EMEA.

This training is open for registration to Oracle Partners from Europe, Middle East and Africa only.


Free of charge for Oracle Partners.

Don't miss this opportunity and Register Today!


Join session now

Thursday Feb 06, 2014



The Oracle Social Relationship Management Fast Track Friday is a FREE live virtual training session designed to provide attendees with an overview of the recommended training they need to pass the associated Sales and Pre-Sales Specialist assessments.
What will we cover:
The Oracle SRM Fast Track Friday was created for partners that already have a basic understanding of the Oracle SRM solution and have reviewed the recommended online training for the SRM Sales and PreSales Specialist roles. The Fast Track Friday session will review the content provided in those online trainings.
By the end of the Fast Track Friday session and along with the recommended pre-requisites - each attendee should be able to take and pass the Oracle Social Relationship Management PreSales Assessment and/or the Oracle Social Relationship Management Sales Assessment.
Reviewed in this Session:

  • Oracle SRM – Market Definition
  • Oracle SRM – Market Trends & Drivers
  • Oracle SRM – Solution Overview
  • Oracle SRM – Positioning the Solution Based on Customer Profile
  • Oracle SRM – Objection Handling and Competition
  • Oracle SRM – High Level Introductory Demonstration

*Note: Not all of the recommended training is covered/reviewed in the Fast Track Friday session. We highly recommended some pre-reading prior to attending this session. (Details below)

The Oracle SRM Fast Track Friday is a 90 minute live virtual instructor led session.
Note: The duration is intended for general reference. The Fast Track Friday instructor may recommend a different approach in rolling the session. Students are required to check the Fast Track Friday duration for the scheduled event they are interested in.

This training is targeted for partners. Any sales, pre-sales, practice leads, consultants or marketers are welcome! This session is specifically tailored to those individuals who are preparing to take the SRM Sales and/or PreSales Specialist exam.

Prerequisite Requirements:
OPN Gold + Member
Basic understanding of Oracle SRM and related technologies.
Pre-Reading (Highly Recommended)

Agenda Topics:

  • 90 Minute Fast Track Friday Agenda Topics
  • Introductions/Set-up (2 minutes)
  • GLP Review (40 minutes)
  • Market Definition
  • Market Trends & Drivers
  • Solution Overview
  • Positioning the Solution Based on Customer Profile
  • Objection Handling and Competition
  • High-level Introductory Demonstration (40 minutes)
  • Q & A with Instructor (7 minutes) Online Assessments

Take Online Assessments

Please ensure that you have an Oracle PartnerNetwork account set up at least 24 hours before the Fast Track Friday training in order to access the assessment exams.

If you are unable to access, please contact your Oracle administrator or your Oracle Partner Business Center for assistance.
Contact Us:

For more information about Oracle Social Relationship Management training available to Oracle Partners, visit

Monday Jan 13, 2014

Quarterly Partner Sales Update Roadshow - 22th January

Quarterly Partner Sales Update Roadshow
EMEA Systems

Dear Partner,

Oracle A&C, Partner Enablement and Systems Teams are organizing the third series of Systems quarterly face-to-face sales training events.

In this Training, we will give you all the Information about the new Systems Sales Plays with their strategic approach for 2014 and the latest Product News and Updates about Oracle Engineered Systems, Servers and Storage!

Ensure to be up to date with latest Systems sales strategy, products and solutions announcements, competitive positioning and sales tools by attending the Training.

We are pleased to invite you to attend this third Oracle EMEA Systems Quarterly Partner Sales Update Roadshow running in several cities across EMEA.

Who should attend:

  • Your Sales Representatives
  • Your Sales / PreSales Engineers / Product Sales Consultants

You will learn to:

  • Understand and leverage the latest Systems Sales Plays and strategic approaches to sell Oracle Systems and their business value to your customers.
  • Explain Oracle Systems positioning versus the competition.
  • Understand Oracle Systems as the best platform to run the complete Oracle-on-Oracle stack, from Application to Disk.
Register now!

We look forward to your participation in these sales training events!

Best regards,

Michaela Seika - for questions on registration to the training events
Georg Stanzel - general questions about the QPSU Roadshow
Giuseppe Facchetti - for questions on EMEA Partner Programs and Enablement on Hardware
Sasan Moaveni - for questions on EMEA Partner Programs and Enablement on Hardware

Monday Sep 24, 2012

Make Money - Become Sales ready in running your Sales Assessment!

As an Oracle partner you want to position and resell Oracle products at your customer
projects, then add the “Oracle VAD Sales Readiness” link to your Browser favorites.  
You will find, from a short product introduction up to a full set of trainings which are constantly
getting updated and leading towards a Sales Assessment to be prepared on your customer questions.

Saturday Sep 22, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: OPN Competency Center Enhancements are NOW Available

The newest OPN Competency Center (OPN CC) enhancements are now available. This release is focused on a new look and simplified navigation, and Resell Competency Tracking functionality.

Some of the key features released include:

1. New Look and Feel with Simplified Navigation

Users are now one click away from the most valuable resources. Additionally, there are now focused areas which allow users to navigate more effectively. Users can review their individual achievements, create a dedicated Training Plan to broaden their knowledge, or use the new Company Corner to view their company’s achievements. Your view as an Oracle employee has been modified and the Company Corner will provide links to allow access to Partner Workgroups and other links specific to your partner data.

2. Resell Competency Tracker

This new functionality has been created to allow partners to track their progress toward becoming Resell Authorized. The Resell Competency Tracker highlights those Knowledge Zones where additional requirements must be achieved prior to Distribution Rights being granted and allows the partners to track their progress. This tracker is available to all users badged to a company ID and also to Internal Oracle employees who have existing access to Partner Workgroups.

3. Enhanced Training Manager Functionality

The existing Training Manager has been enhanced to allow partners to create Workgroups that are either focused on the competency requirements for becoming Specialized or the competency requirements needed to apply for resell authorization.

Please mark your calendars and plan on joining an internal demonstration of these features and enhancements:

  • Wednesday, September 26 @ 7am & 8pm PT
    • A public Beehive web conference has been scheduled
    • Intercall: 5210981 / 2423

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