Friday Aug 31, 2012

Montée en compétence des Partenaires



Dear partner

You can now register for Oracle's EMEA Hardware Sales Training Roadshow: "Hardware and Software - Engineered to be sold together!"

The objective of this one-day, face-to-face, free of charge training session is to share with you and your Oracle peers the latest information on Oracle's products and solutions and to ensure that you are fully equipped to position and sell Oracle's integrated stack.

Please find the agenda, schedule details and registration information here.

The seats are limited and available on a first-come-first-serve basis. We recommend you to register yourself as early as possible and reserve your seat.

Register Now

We hope you will take the maximum advantage of these great learning and networking opportunities and look forward to welcoming you to your nearest event!

Best regards,

Giuseppe Facchetti
Partner Business Development Manager,
Servers, Oracle EMEA

Sasan Moaveni
Storage Partner Sales Manager
Oracle EMEA

Tuesday Aug 28, 2012

SOA Community Newsletter: nouvelle lettre !


Dear SOA partner community member

Have you submitted your feedback on SOA Partner Community Survey 2012? This is the last chance to participate in the survey. We recommend you to complete the survey and help us to improve our SOA Community.

Thanks to all attendees and trainers for their participation in the excellent Fusion Middleware Summer Camps held in Lisbon and Munich. I would also like to thank you for the great feedback and the nice reports provided by AMIS Technology Blog & Middleware by Link Consulting.

Most of our courses have been overbooked, if you did not get a chance or missed it, we offer a wide range of online training and the course material. Key take-away from the advanced BPM course is to become an expert in ADF. Here is the course from Grant Ronald Learn Advanced ADF online available.

The Link Consulting Team became experts in SOA Governance with EAMS and Oracle Enterprise Repository! We always encourage our community members to share their best practices and are very keen to publish it. Please let us know if you want to share your best practices through this medium.

We encourage you to make use of the Specialization benefits - this month we are giving an opportunity to Promote Your SOA & BPM Events.

Jürgen Kress
Oracle SOA & BPM Partner Adoption EMEA


Presentations & Training material OFM Summer Camps

Promote Your SOA & BPM Events

Advanced ADF Online, For Free By Grant

BPM 11g Customer Stories & Solution Catalog & Process Accelerators

Delivering SOA Governance with EAMS by Link Consulting Team

WebLogic Server Provisioning and Patching

News from our Partners & Community

Updated material by Oracle

Connect and Network
Blog SOA Blogs
Facebook SOA on Facebook
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Twitter SOA on Twitter
SOA Forum
SOA Workspace

Thanks to all attendees who invested their time and utilized the opportunity to attend the Summer Camps! Due to high demand of our most of the trainings, we had a long waiting list with more numbers of partners who are keen to attend it. We would like to give our special thanks to all trainers, who delivered excellent workshops!

Most of the presentations and course material have been posted on our SOA Community Workspaceand WebLogic Community Workspace. You can access the content only if you are a registered community member. To register for the SOA Community please click here. You can register for the WebLogic Community here.

To find out the first impressions of the event please visit our Facebook pages: & or Picasa Album

Thanks for the excellent blog posts from AMIS Technology Blog & Middleware by Link Consulting.

Let us know if you published a twitter blog on@soacommunity & @wlscommunity. We will be pleased to publish it in our Newsletters.

BPM Course Quotes

  • Its always easy, if you know, what you are doing” - Torsten Winterberg, Opitz
  • The best ideas are the ideas from the best” - Filipe Sequeria, Primesoft
  • “Best invest in the education in the last 12 months” - Richard Schaller, IPT
  • “Practice best practice with the best instructor” - Graham Lamond Capgemini
  • “If you have basic BPM knowledge, this is the course to really mater it” - Diogo Henriques Link Consulting
  • “Very good trainers lot of work. Lot of fun as well” - Matthias Gris Workflow Factory
  • “If you like to accelerate in Oracle come to the training to bring it all together” - Marcel van der Glind, Amis
ADF Course Quotes
  • "Excellent training, great opportunity to network!" - Frank Houweling, Amis
  • "Lots of fun and good ideas" - Ana Santiago, GFI
  • "Learn ADF, worth it Fusion Apps is the future" - Miguel Delgadillo, STO Consulting
  • "The best way to learn Fusion Middleware from the #1" Alexandro Montantes, STO Consulting
  • "Be advanced to to be the first” - Dimitar Petrov Fadata
  • "Great opportunity to suck all the knowledge out of some very experienced product managers” - Wilfred von der Deijl, The Future Group

WebLogic Course Quotes

  • “Oracle trainings are the best” - Pedro Neto Novobas
  • "Excellent training, well organized” - Pedro Antunh, Capgemini
  • “This course dives you into Oracle WebLogic giving you a quick start on benefiting from Fusion Apps” - Leonardo Fernandes, Outsystems
Additional Quotes
  • “Thanks a lot again for organizing such a great and informative Summer Camp. Both training and networking were organized very professionally. I have gained tons of very useful Info, which will definitely help to increase quality of our future projects.” - Daniel Fasko
  • I didn’t get the chance yesterday to thank you for a most enjoyable and thoroughly educational time I had in Munich over the last few days.” - Jeroen Bakker Ordina
  • “Just to congratulate you on a great event, not only today but also in the previous days of training.
  • As we know, a very good organization and, as a native Portuguese that knows Lisbon very good, a nice choice of places to visit. Looking forward to come again next year.” Pedro Miguel Neto, Novobase


The Partner Event Publisher has just been made available to all SOA & BPM specialized partners in EMEA. Partners now have the opportunity to publish their events to site and spread the word on their upcoming live in-person and/or live webcast events.

See the demo below and click here to read more information.


The second part of the advanced ADF online eCourse is Live now! This covers the advanced topics of region and region interaction as well as getting down and dirty with some of the layout features of ADF Faces, skinning and DVT components.

The aim of this course is to give you a self-paced learning aid which covers the more advanced topics of ADF development. The content is developed by Product Management and our Curriculum development teams and is based on advanced training material we have been running internally for about 18 months. We will get started on the next chapter, but in the meantime, please have a look at chapters one and two.

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Everyone loves a good story on planning or implementing a BPM strategy. Everyone wants to hear how it was done before?, what worked?, what was achieved? If you have achieved success with BPM, we are very keen to hear your stories and examples of how your customers use it. We receive lots of requests from people who are thinking of using BPM to solve a specific problem or in combination with a specific technology to talk to someone who has done it before. These stories are invaluable. Drop down the details of anything you think is relevant with a bit of detail and we will follow up on it. As one good deed deserves another, we will do our best to give you stories if you need them to show that where you are going, others have treaded before. Send your stories to us using this e-mail link and we will share them among other like minded people.

Solution Catalogue

This summer, Oracle is launching a solution catalogue specifically intended for partners. If you have delivered a successful implementation in BPM and think it could be reused and applied again in a similar scenario in the same industry or in a similar environment, then we ware keen to know about it and will add it to the solution catalogue. The solution catalogue will showcase successful BPM solutions both inside and outside Oracle. Be in touch with us on this e-mail link and we will make sure to add your solution.

Process Accelerators

Finally if you have specific processes that you are expert on, you have implemented at a customer and you want to work with us on getting these productised, then we would love to know about it. The process accelerator programme is explained in the most recent SOA/BPM Community Newsletter but again feel free to contact us if you want to get involved.

Good luck with BPM and let us know how we can help. Barry O'Reilly Director BPM


In the last 12 years Link Consulting has been making its presence in specific areas such as Governance and Architecture, both in terms of practices and methodologies, products, know-how and technological expertise. The Enterprise Architecture Management System - Oracle Enterprise Edition (EAMS - OER Edition) is the result of this experience and combines the architecture management solution with OER in order to deliver a product specialized for SOA Governance that gathers the better of two worlds in solution that enables SOA Governance projects, initiatives and programs.

Enterprise Architecture Management System

Enterprise Architecture Management System (EAMS), is an automation based solution that enables the efficient management of Enterprise Architectures. The solution uses configured enterprise repositories and takes advantages of its features to provide automation capabilities to the users. EAMS provides capabilities to create/customize/analyze repository data, architectural blueprints, reports and analytic charts.

Oracle Enterprise Repository

Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) is one of the major and central elements of the Oracle SOA Governance solution. Oracle Enterprise Repository provides the tools to manage and govern the metadata for any type of software asset, from business processes and services to patterns, frameworks, applications, components, and models. OER maps the relationships and inter-dependencies that connect those assets to improve impact analysis, promote and optimize their reuse, and measure their impact on the bottom line. It provides the visibility, feedback, controls, and analytics to keep your SOA on track to deliver business value. The intense focus on automation helps to overcome barriers to SOA adoption and streamline governance throughout the lifecycle.

Core capabilities of the OER include:

  • Asset Management

  • Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Usage Tracking

  • Service Discovery

  • Version Management

  • Dependency Analysis

  • Portfolio Management

EAMS - OER Edition

The solution takes the advantages and features from both products and combines them in a symbiotic tool that enhances the quality of SOA Governance Initiatives and Programs.

EAMS is able to produce a vast number of outputs by combining its analytical engine, SOA-specific configurations and the assets in OER and other related tools, catalogs and repositories. The configurations encompass not only the extendable parametrization of the metadata but also fully configurable blueprints, PowerPoint reports, charts and queries.

The SOA blueprints

The solution comes with a set of predefined architectural representations that help the organization better perceive their SOA landscape. More blueprints can be easily created in order to accommodate the organizations needs in terms of detail, audience and metadata.

Service Catalog Blueprint

Charts & Dashboards

The solution encompasses a set of predefined charts and dashboards that promote a more agile way to control and explore the assets.

SOA Dashboard

Time Based Visualization

All representations are time bound, and with EAMS - OER you can truly govern SOA with a complete view of the Past, Present and Future; The solution delivers Gap Analysis, a project oriented approach while taking into consideration the As-Was, As-Is an To-Be.

Time based visualization

Time based visualization differentiating factors:

  • Extensive automation and maintenance of architectural representations

  • Organization wide solution.

  • Easy access and navigation to and between all architectural artifacts and representations.

  • Flexible meta-model, customization and extensibility capabilities.

  • Lifecycle management and enforcement of the time dimension over all the repository content.

  • Profile based customization.

  • Comprehensive visibility

  • Architectural alignment

  • Friendly and striking user interfaces

For more information on EAMS visit us here. For more information on SOA visit us here.


For access to the Oracle demo systems please visit OPN and talk to your Partner Expert.
SOA Suite and BPM Suite runs on WebLogic! We are pleased to announce the availability of a WebLogic Server Management demo that showcases some of the key provisioning and patching capabilities of WebLogic Server Management Pack Enterprise Edition (EE). To learn more about these features - as well as other features of the pack - please visit the pack's saleskit page.

Demo Highlights

The demo showcases the following capabilities:

  • Patching Oracle WebLogic Servers

  • Standardizing WebLogic Server Patch Rollouts

  • Creating a WebLogic Domain Provisioning Profile

  • Cloning a WebLogic Domain from a Provisioning Profile

  • Deploying a Java EE Application

  • Scaling Out an Oracle WebLogic Cluster

Demo Instructions Go to the DSS website for Oracle Partners. On the Standard Demo Launchpad page, under the “Software Lifecycle Automation” section, click on the link “EM Cloud Control 12c WLS Provisioning and Patching” (tagged as “NEW”). Specific demo launchpad page contains a link to the detailed demo script with instructions on how to show the demo.

Wednesday Aug 08, 2012

invitation: Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange @ OpenWorld

Come for the content—stay for the contacts.

September 30—October 4, 2012
Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange @ OpenWorld premiers this year with a dedicated program of keynotes and sessions created to enhance the opportunities for partners to learn from and network with Oracle executives and experts. The new program also provides more informal opportunities than ever throughout the week to meet up with the people who are most important to your business: customers, prospects, and colleagues.

Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange @ OpenWorld Highlights

Sunday, September 30

Global Partner Keynote: Start the week by gaining insight from senior executives into Oracle's partner vision, strategy, and resources—all designed to help build and strengthen market opportunities for partners.

Regional General Sessions: Regional Oracle Alliances and Channels team members will meet with partners from around the world to discuss opportunities and challenges unique to each region: Asia Pacific; Europe, Middle East, and Africa; Japan; Latin America; and North America.

Monday, October 1 – Thursday, October 4

PartnerNetwork Sessions: Oracle's top product and sales leaders will discuss Oracle's strategic direction in 25 targeted and in-depth sessions specific to partners. Many sessions will be focused by partner type: SI, ISV, and channel. Others will focus on one of the most critical partner success factors—business development.

Networking: The Oracle PartnerNetwork Lounge is the place where partners can meet formally or informally with colleagues, customers, prospects, and other industry professionals. Partners can visit the OPN Video Blogging room to record and share ideas; at the OPN Information Station, they will find consultants available to answer any questions that come up.

Access to Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne

In addition to partner-specific sessions and networking, attendees of the Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange @ OpenWorld get access to many Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne activities during the week.

  • Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne keynotes
  • Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne Exhibition Halls
  • Executive Solution sessions
  • Scene and Be Heard Theater
  • Oracle OpenWorld Welcome Reception (September 30)
  • Lunch in the Howard Street Tent (October 1 through October 4)
  • It's A Wrap! closing event (October 4)
  • Oracle OpenWorld Conference Materials

If you have any questions regarding partner activities at Oracle OpenWorld, contact the Oracle PartnerNetwork team at

Thursday Aug 02, 2012

invitation: Oracle Optimized Storage Strategy - Executive Keynote Replay

Oracle Optimized Storage: Solutions for Simplifying IT

Even in the most advanced data centers, outdated and inefficient storage management techniques are stifling business innovation.

But now you can deploy Oracle’s optimized storage, the industry’s most advanced, easy-to-use, and cost-effective enterprise storage solutions.

View this important online, on-demand launch webcast featuring Mark Hurd and John Fowler to learn how Oracle can help you take on the biggest enterprise storage infrastructure challenges — including reducing costs and increasing data management efficiency.

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Enablement Trainings Overview:


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