Friday Jul 10, 2009

Business Intelligence Using Open Storage

Sun recently rolled out a new Business Intelligence (BI) solution that uses Open Storage at its core. There are several things that are different about this solution that make it stand out from the crowd.

1) It is based on Open Source software.

This solution uses the commercial versions of open source software from Pentaho and Infobright to provide the BI and Datawarehouse (DW) functions respectively and both use the MySQL database. Also, this solution uses Sun's Open Storage products as the core storage component which are built using Open Source software and industry standard components. Combine those with an Open Source operating system like Solaris or Linux and you have a complete BI solution built on an Open Source software stack.

2) The price is right.

By taking advantage of an Open Source development model and by using industry standard components this solution offers a very attractive price point for customers. Companies comparing this approach with other products and solutions can see up to 90% better TCO on software and up to 75% savings on storage hardware costs. This means that companies that didn't have the budget for a new BI/DW project can now afford it with this solution.

3) The features and support are top notch.

By using Pentaho software for the BI component this solution can provide most of the same features you usually see from proprietary BI software vendors. Infobright allows the solution to compress data up to 40:1 which provides a huge benefit when determining storage capacity requirements. Also, Infobright's Knowledge Grid architecture means that data that is commonly referenced is available more quickly to speed up queries. With this solution you aren't bound to a set of canned queries either. You can also define ad-hoc queries to get to the data you need which helps in e-Discovery situations. And, of course, using Open Storage means that all the latest storage features are available for you to use like snapshots and Hybrid Storage Pools when you run a system based on the Solaris operating system.

All three vendors offer first class service so you never have to worry if something goes wrong or if you need a helping hand to get up and running.

Solutions like this one that take advantage of Open Storage are able to pass on the benefits of lower cost and high performance systems to users. As more solutions like this one are built using Open Storage the IT storage industry is bound to sit up and take notice.

Monday Jun 29, 2009

FISL Conference Big Success for OpenSolaris

FISL--the international free software conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil--was a huge success this year. Thousands and thousands of free software enthusiasts crowded in to hear over 400 speakers and interact with people from various organizations that has setup shop in the pavilion. A lot of interest was generated around OpenSolaris, Java and Glassfish due to the efforts of the local team in Brazil and all the volunteers that helped out. Some of the attendees even started literally singing the praises of Solaris ...

OHOHOHSolaris from thesourceshow on Vimeo.

The president of Brazil stopped in on Friday and addressed the crowd saying how important free software was and that "Free software prevailed [in Brazil] and we don't need to buy any more only what Microsoft wants to sell". Hopefully Brazil will become even more of an example of how governments can and should adopt open source software.

What does all this have to do with OpenStorage you ask? For Sun it means a lot since we are using OpenSolaris as the underlying operating system of many of our OpenStorage products such as the 7000 Unifed Storage Systems. More users and developers will lead to an improved and more secure operating system and so OpenStorage will reap these benefits as well. Also conferences and other events like these around the world are showing that users and companies are more than ready to adopt products built on open source software. Just ask the Brazilian government or the Bank of Brazil who had booths at the conference showing how they are using open source software to run their organizations.

Congratulations to the FISL organizing team and the Sun team for making the event such a big success this year!


"Just what is Open Storage anyway?" This is the question I am trying to answer on this site. How am I doing?


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