Thursday Sep 05, 2013

Misys Kondor+ runs best on SPARC T5

Misys is a leading financial software vendor, providing the broadest portfolio of banking, treasury, trading and risk solutions available on the market. At ISV Engineering, we have a long-standing collaboration with the Kondor+ product line, that came from the Turaz acquisition (formerly part of Thomson Reuters) and now part of the Misys Treasury & Capital Markets (TCM) portfolio. Jean-Marc Jacquot, Senior Technical Consultant at Misys TCM, was recently interviewed by ITplace.TV (in French language) about a recent IT redesign of the Kondor+ installed base at a major French financial institution.

The customer was running various releases of Kondor+ over a wide range of SPARC machines, from Sun V240 to M4000. The IT project aimed at rationalizing these deployments for better ROI, SLA and raw performance —to meet the new system requirements of the latest Kondor+ release. In the short list, SPARC & Solaris beat x86 & Linux on …

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Wednesday Feb 15, 2012

Solaris SPARC live migration increases Oracle DB availability

One of the most significant business challenges for IT is to create and preserve value in a highly competitive environment, while keeping business applications available, improving hardware utilization and reducing costs. In particular, it is important to maximize application availability during planned or unplanned outages, without any compromise on resource allocation flexibility based on business needs, à la cloud computing.

Orgad Kimchi and Roman Ivanov at Oracle ISV Engineering describe in a new whitepaper "Increasing Application Availability by Using the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Live Migration Feature: An Oracle Database Example" how the Oracle VM Server for SPARC software (f.k.a. Sun Logical Domains or LDoms) can increase application availability, using the example of the Oracle database software.

The benefits of Live Migration are …

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Tuesday Oct 05, 2010

Presentation from LDom Workshop, Moscow

The ISV Engineering team in Moscow presented on Oracle VM Server for SPARC, f.k.a. Solaris Logical Domains, last month. I am posting the slides (in Russian) here too. We hope to be running a few Oracle Systems / Solaris related workshops at Oracle's Moscow ISV Migration Center established with FORS Development Center this year, and are looking forward to seeing you there.

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Thursday Jun 17, 2010

Turn planned system outage into no application downtime

High-Availability in IT is a strategy to satisfy business availability needs. It is impacted by planned outages and unplanned outages --the result of a system or software fault, which we will not address here. Planned outages are typically a result of a preventive or corrective maintenance task that imposes an interruption to the day-to-day system operation. The traditional approach to planned outage is a careful planning of the intervention to minimize the downtime and the risk of the system not going back up properly. With virtualization, novel approaches can be taken where system downtime and application downtime can be decoupled.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC, f.k.a. Solaris Logical Domains, is a virtualization and partitioning solution supported on Sun CMT servers powered by the UltraSPARC T-class processors. Oracle VM Server for SPARC allows the creation of multiple virtual systems on a single physical system. Each virtual system is called a logical domain (LDom) and runs its own copy of the Solaris operating system. Among its many features, LDoms have the ability to do warm migration between two machines, i.e. to checkpoint and migrate an active LDom from one server to another one.

In ISV Engineering, we have demonstrated this Domain Mobility feature for a running installation of the Oracle 10gR2 database. During the migration, the database server is not shut down. The migration from one physical host to another one is also transparent to the client applications connecting to the database --as long as no timeouts are encountered, or conversely, timeout values can be appropriately set by the application's admin and/or developers for the warm migration to happen transparently-- such that there is no downtime for the application. This work has been documented in the following whitepaper on the Sun Developer Network : Increasing Application Availability Using Oracle VM Server for SPARC.

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Monday Jan 11, 2010

Presentations from CMT Tech Day, Jan. 6th, Herzliya

Thanks for joining us for the CMT Tech Day last week! As promised, we are posting here presentations from the event. For the CMT processors and systems information --Rafa's presentation--, I'd point you to the Sun CoolThreads website where you will find current and exhaustive product information. Please continue to send feedback to help us improve these Tech Days.

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