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    July 2, 2009

Sun Startup Essentials powers 6rounds video platform

Guest Author

GixOO is launching this week its 6rounds video communication service. The coolest web 2.0 venture I have seen in quite some time! As GixOO co-founder and COO Ilan Leibovich puts it, 6rounds is a rich, interactive and personalized video chat platform that takes shared experiences and real-time collaboration to a whole new level. 6rounds combines webcams, social activities, and interactive zones to offer its users an exciting variety of experiences that they enjoy and share together. The video experience present users with broad range of opportunities: from watching videos, playing real-time games, listening to music, co-facebooking or youtubing, to shopping together and beyond. Users are also encouraged to exchange gifts, start webcam effects and use the tips machine which provides ice-breakers and advice about their chat partner.

6rounds is the first product built on the GixOO live social platform, initially developped on the LAMP stack. As a member of the Sun Startup Essentials program, GixOO connected with Sun's ISV Engineering team to test the scalability of their platform on SAMP --the Solaris-based AMP stack, available in an integrated and optimized package from Sun, the Sun Glassfish Web Stack f.k.a. CoolStack. At the time, we ran the benchmark on a Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 server --featuring the 64-way CoolThreads processor UltraSPARC T2-- running Solaris 10 and CoolStack 1.3. GixOO loved the DTrace kernel instrumentation of Solaris 10 --DTrace gives unique insights into how the application performs, live on a production system-- and the Containers technology a.k.a. Zones --this light-weigth virtualization layer of Solaris allows multiple applications to run in isolation from each other on the same physical hardware--, and quickly adopted them for their internal use.

"At GixOO, we use Sun SPARC-based server, powered by Solaris 10 for our
R&D environment. The system gives us the required flexibility and components isolation
that we need. Thanks to SPARC's great SMP abilities, we achieve high performance for many development environments running on one single 1U server.
Solaris Zones are very comfortable and simple to configure, and allow the full utilization of the great power hidden in this small machine, which makes Solaris 10 an excellent choice for system administrators. We are using Sun MySQL Server which gives our application high speed data storage solution, and in the future we might migrate to the MySQL
Cluster solution to get even faster results."
Dmitry Shestak, CTO, GixOO

As they are approaching the go-live date, startups start asking themselves, like GixOO, how to deploy their application in such a way that it will scale with an (hopefully) exponential demand and in a manageable and secure fashion. Sun is a good partner to turn to with these questions, as a long-time Enterprise-class provider of technologies for the network computing age. At ISV Engineering, through our developer support to ISV, we have gained a fair amount of expertise in the scalability issue that you may be facing as a startup. To broadly share this knowledge, in addition to our project-based --join our Sun Partner Advantage and/or Startup Essentials programs-- and incident-based --contact our Partner Developer hotline at isvsupport@sun.com-- engagements, we aim to regularly package our expertise into webinars and/or cloud services. EZstack e.g. is an online Virtual Lab environment to let you test how quickly you could replicate your application on a cloud computing environment and if your application is compatible with load-balancing. Dare to take the test?!

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