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    July 11, 2016

SPARC M7 [and now S7]: Are You Kidding Me!?

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Our ISV partners are beginning to ask us if we ARE kidding,  as we continue to produce a plethora of evidence demonstrating the performance, security, throughput and many other advantages of Oracle's SPARC M7 systems, including the newly announced SPARC S7 systems.  Hearing things like 2x more cores, 2x more threads, 4x larger cache per core, 4x more I/O bandwidth... can tend to lose their meaning after awhile. 

Does combining software and silicon really amount to that big of a difference!? 
And just what do those "x" factors equate to when it comes to real world application of these new SPARC M7/S7 systems?

We'll let you be the judge --
here is a compilation of what evidence we have to date. 

Analyst Reviews:

- Edison: Security & Performance Advantages with Oracle Software in Silicon
- Enterprise Strategy Group: Oracle M7 Enhances CPU-level Security
- ESG: I May Be Losing My Mind – I’m Believing In Oracle Hardware
- Forbes: The Breakthrough Technology That Will Turbocharge Big Data And Cloud Computing
- Forrester: Oracle Delivers “Software on Silicon”
- IDC: What If Oracle Is On To Something?
- Ovum: Oracle's latest Sparc refresh puts software in silicon
- SiliconANGLE: Oracle debuts first systems with 10-billion-transistor SPARC M7 chip
- The Next Platform: Oracle Takes On Xeons With SPARC S7
- Wikibon:
Software-in-Silicon Drives Oracle SPARC M7 Processors

World Records:

- Infosys Finacle Sets a New Record on Oracle SuperCluster M7 (Press Release)
- SAP Two-Tier Standard Sales and Distribution SD Benchmark: SPARC M7-8
- Siebel PSPP: SPARC T7-2 Beats IBM
- SPECvirt_2013: SPARC T7-2 for Two- and Four-Chip Systems
- SPECjbb2015: SPARC T7-1 for 1 Chip Result
- 20 World Record Performance Benchmarks

ISV Video Testimonies:

- Siemens Eyes Dramatic Increase in Speed of SPARC M7 Servers
- MSC Software Sees Amazing Throughput with Oracle's SPARC T7
- The Advantage of Running Temenos on Oracle Engineered Systems
- Quartet FS In-Memory Analytics Java Advantage on SPARC

ISV Evidence:

- Unbeatable Scalability of SAP ASE on Oracle M7
- SAS and Oracle SPARC M7 Silicon Secured Memory
- Amazing Results on SPARC T7 by MSC Software
- SPARC T7 - Minutes to Seconds!
- Siemens Teamcenter on SuperCluster M7 with 10,000+ Concurrent Users
- Unbeatable Scalability of SAP ASE on Oracle M7
- SPARC S7 & Java - Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
- IBM Informix Server 2X Faster Per Core on SPARC S7 Than x86

Customer and Partner Quotes (in Press Release):

- AsiaInfo: "able to shorten time to find and fix bugs by 3 days. "
- B&H Photo Video: "run 83x faster on SPARC T7"
- BPC: “excited to see dramatic performance increases"
- Capitek: “the only effective method of protection against dangerous programming vulnerabilities"
- Informationsverarbeitung für Versicherungen GmbH (ivv): "will dramatically increase the speed of services"
- MSC Software: “able to deliver better core-to-core throughput than an Intel Xeon X5 v3 server"
- QuartetFS:  “... our queries running an amazing 6-8 times faster. "
- SAS: "detected difficult to find run-time errors far more quickly than other products"
- Siemens PLM Software: “the new Oracle SPARC M7 servers showed dramatic performance improvements"
- Software AG: “achieved an amazing 2.8X performance increase"
- University Hospitals Leuven: “SPARC is the only suitable platform that meets our application needs"

Customer References:

- University Hospitals Leuven Provide Electronic Health Records in Real Time
- B&H Photo Experiences up to 83 Times Faster Results with Oracle SPARC T7 Servers (video)
- ivv Runs Applications 1.8x Faster, Cuts Compliance Reporting Overhead 10x

Why not TRY OUT M7 and see for yourself?
Oracle now offers partners, customers and university researchers access to a Software in Silicon Cloud,
which provides developers a secure and ready-to-run virtual machine
environment to install, test, and improve their code in a SPARC M7/S7
system running Oracle Solaris.

Try it -- we think you'll agree.  We are NOT kidding around!

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  • jessicameri123 Friday, February 5, 2016

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  • Peter Monday, June 13, 2016

    Be nice if Oracle sold sparc vis servers again, but skip opengl and go for vulcan, which has better multithreading support and an ir bytecode.

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