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    July 6, 2016

SPARC Cryptographic Accelerators — Securing the Cloud

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The significant volume of data being harbored on a global basis presents a massive target for today’s increasingly sophisticated IT hackers.  Securing this data represents one of the largest challenges facing businesses today.  Check out map.norsecorp.com to see an interesting view of the frequency by which these attacks may be taking place.  Not a pretty picture...

As businesses are moving rapidly to virtualized cloud computing infrastructures, many organizations are hesitating to move their strategic enterprise workloads over due to concerns about the security of that data.  Today’s standard encryption models fall far short — and often enterprises are not willing to pay the performance penalty for turning on security encryption.

Enter SPARC M7/S7 Integrated Cryptographic Accelerators

Oracle has taken a very different approach to this problem with the SPARC processor.
The SPARC M7 processor has 32 integrated cryptographic accelerators (highlighted in yellow) on board. Think of them as mini data traffic cops who only do encryption.
There are as many crypto accelerators as there are CPU cores on the M7/S7 chip. 

The incredible efficiency of this design is that these cryptographic accelerators can rapidly process data for encryption while the SPARC M7/S7 processor cycles are available for use by the database and other applications.  These traffic cops don’t care about what is going on over there, they only care about processing encrypted data.  FAST.

As a result, each processor core contains the fastest cryptographic acceleration in the industry, allowing IT organizations to deliver end-to-end data encryption and secure transactions with near - zero performance impact.  And no additional hardware or software investment required.  Data encryption can be  enabled by default, without compromise in performance, using wide-key cryptography accelerated in hardware.

Want to see how this works?
watch this  4 minute video of the SPARC M7/S7 Integrated Cryptographic Accelerators.

Need evidence?
AES Encryption: SPARC S7 Performance, Beats Intel E5-2699 v4 Per Core Under Load
SPECjEnterprise2010: SPARC S7-2 Secure and Unsecure Results
SHA Digest Encryption: SPARC S7 Performance, Beats Intel E5-2699 v4 Per Core Under Load
SPARC M7 Arrives, Breaks Records

Want to test for yourself?
Go to SWiSdev.Oracle.com and leverage Oracle’s Software in Silicon Cloud to gain access to this technology today, along with numerous FREE developer resources.

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