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    March 9, 2010

Kinamik Data Integrity secures Solaris audit trails

Guest Author

Kinamik Data Integrity is a software company focused on data integrity, whose mission is to provide an easy answer to a tough question: how do I know the digital records I am looking at are correct?

Kinamik develops the Secure Audit Vault software solution that centralizes and preserves sensitive data; by applying a digital fingerprint to the secured records, it makes them tamper-evident and provides proof that the sealed data has not been manipulated from the moment of its creation. In a context of increasingly stringent compliance requirements, the Kinamik Secure Audit Vault helps organizations in regaining the trustworthiness of their data. The Kinamik innovative R&D has been recognized by several awards including the 2007 Red Herring Top 100 Europe.

Already a partner of Sun and Oracle --Kinamik is a member of the Sun Partner Advantage, Sun Startup Essentials and Oracle Partner Network programs--, Kinamik joined the OpenSolaris community in 2009 and contributed to Sun´s development efforts on the audit_remote plugin by collaborating in the testing processes and providing bug reports to Sun's team.

This plugin enables the secure transmission of audit trails to a remote storage, which would prevent an intruder who compromised a system from being able to delete the audit trail of that system. Kinamik developed the receiver part that allows the audit trails to be secured and stored in real time within their product, the Kinamik Secure Audit Vault. This Sun-Kinamik combined solution provides end-to-end trust in the audit information. As far as we know, this is the only product that has done that.

There are two key points to note about the Solaris Audit Remote / Kinamik Secure Audit Vault combined solution:

  1. Audit events are made cryptographically tamper-evident in real time, as they are generated. This reduces significantly and virtually eliminates the security gap in which any manipulation goes undetected, regardless of access controls privileges: even administrators of applications, OS or databases cannot make a single change without being detected. In contrast, all other solutions are batch processes, which means that they add integrity protection at the end of the day or after specific periods of time. As a result, they may be protecting data that has been already tampered with.
  2. End-to-end security trust is achieved with the use of the combined audit_remote plugin in OpenSolaris and the Kinamik Secure Audit Vault. By providing assurances that data is cryptographically tamper-evident from data generation through to long-term retention, storage and archiving, organizations are able to able to reduce risk of unwanted manipulation.

We are looking today for organizations and users that can assess this solution, providing us some feedback on desired improvements, capabilities, features and functions. If you are interested in supporting this initiative, please contact Nadeem Bukhari at Kinamik or download directly a virtual appliance with the product at http://www.kinamik.com/opensolaris --the current version of the Kinamik Secure Audit Vault product is also capable of supporting syslog, log4j, JDBC applications, text files and Weblogic Audit trails.

Following the example of Kinamik, we are finally encouraging the software vendors and the software developers at large to join the OpenSolaris community in the spirit of --and for the business merits of-- open innovation.

"Extending the Kinamik Secure Audit Vault's capabilities for working with OpenSolaris effectively allows Kinamik to embrace open innovation. By working with the OpenSolaris community we have expedited the development of a solution to address an emerging but significant business problem. These efforts would have taken much longer to come to fruition without the imaginative power of this creative network of developers and users all around the world. We look forward to collaborating with them to find new and exciting uses for the common solution provided by the Kinamik Secure Audit Vault and OpenSolaris."
Roberto Blanc, Marketing Director, Kinamik Data Integrity

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