Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
d3ad48d7b3a0 7158801 Improve VM CompileOnly option
d2870799a498 7158804 Improve config file parsing
1a3367b722a8 7158800 Improve storage of symbol tables
7178670 runtime/7158800/ fails in SymbolTable::rehash_table
7181200 JVM new hashing code breaks SA in product mode
7190262 Debug builds fail to verify String table with +UseCompressedStrings after 7158800
15ddddb87e6c 7176337 Additional changes needed for 7158801 fix
b122c11c6c5f 7198606 Improve VM optimization
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
7495a341cb40 6631398 FilePermission improved path checking
54e6c6a23808 7172522 Improve DomainCombiner checking
493340f21025 7167656 Multiple Seeders are being created
043a4068ab77 7093490 adjust package access in rmiregistry
c67020bf3fd9 7169888 Narrowing resource definitions in JMX RMI connector
fbd00e30b74b 7186286 TLS implementation to better adhere to RFC
2b7bfb57befb 7189490 More improvements to DomainCombiner checking
06493afc7c56 7189103 Executors needs to maintain state
c57bf703a312 7143535 ScriptEngine corrected permissions
e0702db74334 7195919 (sl) ServiceLoader can throw CCE without needing to create instance
b3bb3cef8c4c 7195194 Better data validation for Swing
87d41c9f2059 7189567 java net obselete protocol
dec2aed1ef52 7169884 LogManager checks do not work correctly for sub-types
575522732c83 7195917 XMLDecoder parsing at close-time should be improved
aec75cf10813 7192975 Conditional usage check is wrong
21487ef30163 7198296 Refactor classloader usage