Monday Nov 01, 2010

News (2010-11-01)

JDK 7 build 116 is available. Build 116 contains improvements for javac, javah, annotation processing, further rebranding changes, performance enhancements, and contains a set of improvements across the class library. You can check out the list of changes for details, and get the source code.

Following up on the announcement of Oracle and IBM collaboration through OpenJDK, there were a lot of interesting comments from employees of IBM and Oracle, and the large Java developer community. Henrik Ståhl' blog explains what happens next.

The Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle, Mark Reinhold, was interviewed by the Java Spotlight podcast on the future of Java SE.

Over in the OpenJDK Porters Group, LIU Qi from Longsoon expressed a desire to see their in-progress port of OpenJDK to the MIPS CPU architecture merged into OpenJDK mainline, and discussed ways to do it with the Porters community.

The OpenJDK BSD Port Project has received a lot of fresh attention in the last couple of weeks. Landon Fuller offered his perspective of the next steps for the port, with a strong focus on issues relating to better Mac OS X support. Greg Lewis synced the port up to JDK 7 build 116 and asked its users to test it. In addition, the Mandolane team offered their help with a Java Sound implementation for Mac OS X.

In Project Lambda, Brian Goetz published an updated draft (Version 3) of the State of the Lambda. Maurizio Cimadamore has updated the corresponding prototype implementation to reflect the changes in the latest "State of the Lambda" document. In addition, he posted a rather informal and basic guide on the syntax currently implemented in the prototype, and continued fixing issues along the way.

In the Da Vinci Machine Project John Rose discussed changes to invokedynamic based on discussions at the JVM Language Summit and requirements of Project Lambda. He brought up further issues discussed by the JSR 292 Expert Group to the Project's mailing list for feedback, and posted an update from the Expert Group, documenting the current status. Updates to the Project's Mercurial repository continued to flow at a regular, quick pace, with Lukas Stadler pushing a new patch for continuations from Hiroshi Yamauchi.

Joe Darcy wrote on his blog about planned improvements to the multi-catch and more precise rethrow feature from Project Coin.

Over in Project Jigsaw, Mandy Chung cleaned up the class analyzer tool to be more generic and implemented support for an incremental modules build.

Finally, you can now follow OpenJDK on Twitter for a quick and short news items ranging from links and pointers to news, builds, mailing list posts to blogs, talks, interviews, etc.

Thursday Aug 26, 2010

News (2010-08-27)

JDK 7 build 107 is available. Build 107 contains no changes form previous week's build, build 106. You can get the source code and the early access binary snapshot release.

In the Da Vinci Machine Project John Rose pushed code to the Mercurial repositories to update the syntax of method handle invocation to replace fake type parameters with real casts, as a better notation for the intended type of the invocation.

Over at Project Coin, Joe Darcy posted a request for feedback on how try-with-resources works in practice. Feedback should be sent to the Project Coin mailing list.

The Project Lambda prototype has seen a steady stream of bug fixes by Maurizio Cimadamore.

Last but not least, Mark Reinhold posted on the Project Jigsaw mailing list that work is resuming after a brief summer hiatus. Mandy Chung and Jonathan Gibbons updated the Project Jigsaw prototype to JDK 7 build 105.

Friday Jun 04, 2010

OpenJDK Roundup


The JDK 7 build 96 is available. Build 96 corresponds to Milestone 8. It contains rebranding changes, build fixes, and updates HotSpot to version 19 build 02. You can check out the list of changes for details, and get the source code.

Project Lambda

Maurizio Cimadamore has pushed a prototype into the Project Lambda forest and announced it on the Project Lambda mailing list. The prototype supports the syntax described in the strawman proposal.

He continued to push improvements into the Project Lambda langtools repository.

Project Jigsaw

On the Project Jigsaw mailing list Mandy Chung published a note describing the different execution modes for running legacy/modularized applications and how the current and long-term implementation supports them.

Vincent Ryan posted a patch to support the creation of signed modules, while Sean Mullan posted a patch for running signed modules with a security manager.


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