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Open Sourcing Bare Metal Cloud Services CLI

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By Bruno Borges
Principal Product Manager, Developer Engagement

Continuing our commitment to openness and collaboration, we are excited to announce the open sourcing of the Bare Metal Cloud Services Command-line interface (CLI). The project is dual licensed under the Apache License 2.0 and Universal Permissive License 1.0 and welcomes your contributions and derivative projects.

What Is Bare Metal Cloud Services CLI?

GUIs are great for a limited set of easy tasks but CLIs allow advanced users to truly harness the potential of cloud automation. This is also true for the Bare Metal Cloud Services (BMCS) CLI.  The tool provides a comprehensive set of commands to directly access all functionality from the command-line.

Getting Started with BMCS CLI

First things first, you have to install the CLI. Here are some common ways to quickly get through this step: 

  • To install the CLI from the Python Package Index (PyPI): 

    $ pip install oraclebmc-cli
  • To install from Oracle, download the oracle-bmcs-cli.zip file. After you unzip the file, run: 

    $ pip install oraclebmc_cli-*-py2.py3-none-any.whl

For more detailed instructions to install the CLI, please refer to the CLI documentation.

To have the CLI walk you through the first time setup process, step by step, use the following command:

$ bmcs setup config

Next step is to find what the tool can do. The CLI commands have the following syntax:

$ bmcs <service> <type> <action> <options>

For example, you can use the below command to create a bucket:

$ bmcs os bucket create -ns mynamespace --name mybucket --metadata '{"key1":"value1","key2":"value2"}' --compartment-id $C

You can get help on any command with --help or -?. For example:

$ bmcs --help
$ bmcs os bucket --help

You can find the complete command reference in the detailed documentation.

Why Did We Open Source BMCS CLI?

We believe open sourcing empowers our customers and partners to have a strong say in the future direction and development for our products and services. We also realize that there are overlaps in the problems users face. Open sourcing provides a venue for developers to share their solutions with others, and even include their contributions in the final version of the tool. Now all those advantages are available for the BMCS CLI, just as with our other open-source BMCS developer tools:

How Can You Contribute?

It's easy to contribute to the BMCS CLI, or any of our other open source projects. You can make a pull requests under The Oracle Contributor Agreement (OCA). Check the CONTRIBUTING file for more detailed instructions.

What's Our Commitment to BMCS CLI?

We are strongly committed to building a powerful CLI. We will continue our development to maintain parity with the new features on BMCS. We are confident that this open source collaboration will drive enhancements to the CLI experience of BMCS customers. We invite all developers out there to come join us in our endeavor to build the best cloud CLI, by becoming active contributors on GitHub today! 

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