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Ruby and Ruby on Rails Recognized by Oracle Technology Network

I'm really pleased that two key contributors to the Ruby and Ruby on Rails communities for Oracle Database have been honored. Takehiro Kubo and Yasuo Honda have both become Oracle ACEs. The Oracle Technology Network's Oracle ACE program describes itself as recognizing Oracle evangelists and enthusiasts. Both Takehiro and Yasuo fit this description exactly. To me, Takehiro Kubo is most visible in his work on the ruby-oci8 gem. Ruby-oci8 is a Ruby interface for Oracle Database....

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Scripting Languages and Oracle Database Cloud: How To Do it

Oracle Cloud is a great fit for your application deployment.  Say no more! I've just published some how-to's on using scripting languages like Node.js, Python, PHP, R and Ruby with Oracle Database Cloud and with the PaaS "Oracle Database Express Cloud Service".  You can use any of the mentioned languages, use other OCI or OCCI-based languages, or take advantage of the Application Container Cloud Service to deploy of Node.js and PHP applications: Using On-Premise Scripting...

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Oracle Enhanced Adapter 1.4.0 for Ruby on Rails is Available

Check out Raimond Simanovskis's updated Rails ActiveRecord adapter for Ruby and JRuby with Oracle DB: Oracle enhanced adapter 1.4.0 and Readme Driven Development. I love the "Readme Driven Development" approach. It's close to my favorite model which is "install Driven Development".

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Raimonds Simanovskis: Developer of the Year, 2009

Check out the Oracle Magazine Editors' Choice Awards 2009. Raimonds was at the Oracle OpenWorld Conference last week. He seemed to be everywhere: I bumped into him numerous times and got to see one of his talks. He was always thinking of an interesting problem or great technical challenge to solve. Congratulations Raimonds!

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Ruby on Rails at OOW

When talking to Raimonds Simanovskis the other week, I convinced him to sign up to give an OpenWorld Unconference session. Raimonds is the maintainer of the enhanced Oracle Adapter for Rails so this session should be excellent. His talk "Using Ruby on Rails with legacy Oracle database" is on Thursday at 10pm, Moscone West 3rd Floor. All unconference sessions are listed at http://wiki.oracle.com/page/Oracle+OpenWorld+Unconference. There are still slots open. Other Rails activity...

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Ruby, Mongrel, Pen

From a town that I recall spending some glorious, long summer evenings in (ok, actually just one evening - it was cloudy the other nights), Barry Keenan has a brief how-to on configuring Rails, Mongrel (a Ruby web server), and Pen (a load balancer) on Windows:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. And Renaud Gaudin has a blog in French covering, among other things, Rails and Oracle.  His RoR tag is here.

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