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Python cx_Oracle 7.3 for Oracle Database is on PyPI

Christopher Jones
Senior Principal Product Manager

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cx_Oracle 7.3, the extremely popular Oracle Database interface for Python, is now Production on PyPI.

cx_Oracle is an open source package for the Python Database API specification with many additions to support advanced Oracle Database features.

The cx_Oracle 7.3 release adds incremental improvements and fixes some bugs. This release is the first with pre-built binaries for the latest Python 3.8.

Users of Continuous Query Notification (CQN) who have Oracle Database 19.4 and Oracle client libraries 19.4 (or later) will like the new clientInitiated parameter to Connection.subscribe(). This enables CQN "client initiated" connections which internally use the same approach as normal cx_Oracle connections to the database, and do not require the database to be able to connect back to the application. Since client initiated connections do not need special network configuration they have ease-of-use and security advantages.

Also new in cx_Oracle 7.3 is a Cursor.lastrowid attribute which returns the rowid of the last row modified by an operation on a cursor (or None if no row was modified). See LastRowid.py for an example.

See the release notes for full details of this release.

Installing or Upgrading cx_Oracle

You can install or upgrade cx_Oracle by running:

python -m pip install cx_Oracle --upgrade

The pip options --force-reinstall, --proxy, and --user may be useful in some environments. See cx_Oracle Installation for details.

cx_Oracle References

Home page: oracle.github.io/python-cx_Oracle/index.html

Installation instructions: cx-oracle.readthedocs.io/en/latest/installation.html

Documentation: cx-oracle.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html

Release Notes: cx-oracle.readthedocs.io/en/latest/release_notes.html

Source Code Repository: github.com/oracle/python-cx_Oracle

Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/oraclescripting/

Questions: github.com/oracle/python-cx_Oracle/issues

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