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    June 5, 2008

PHP|Tek 2008 and DC PHP 2008 Overview

Christopher Jones
Senior Principal Product Manager

Two PHP conferences and one severe, recurring cold caught in between them later, I'm back in the office.

The great buzz at PHP|Tek (http://tek.phparch.com/) in Chicago was summed up by Ben: http://benramsey.com/archives/phptek-2008-wrap-up/
Ivo also had several clear overview posts: http://www.jansch.nl/tag/tek08/

My own notes were longer then I'd realized; I'll spare you the detail.
In summary: it was great to spend time with old and new friends, and an invaluable conference.

There was a high proportion of DB related talks. And lots, and lots of Oracle users there (Hi!). The IRC channel was full of Oracle talk throughout all the DB sessions at the conference.

The Oracle "ElePHPants" in the attendee show-bags were welcomed. Pre-conference some of them made an impressive sight: http://flickr.com/photos/preinheimer/2508587135/. (One or two were later somewhat tested by being parachuted and taken swimming.)

A week after Tek, I did a quick fly-by and spoke at DC PHP (http://www.dcphpconference.com/). This conference had a different (but equally good) "feel". I'm sorry I couldn't stay the full time for this one, and only briefly was able say Hi to the people I respect that I don't often get a chance to catch up with. From Twitter it seems to have been very successful.

PHP Conferences overlap between the development of PHP and developing with PHP. There are complex projects and serious business problems to be solved. I know that users of PHP and Oracle will continue to build interesting solutions, share ideas, techniques, and raise issues and desires. It is exciting to be part of this community.

My PHP|Tek talk slides are on OTN: http://tek.phparch.com/mats/slides/christopher_jones-web_scale_php.pdf

"Share and enjoy".

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Morgan Tocker Friday, June 6, 2008
    Chris, I agree that it was great to see the heavy database coverage! I enjoyed your talks at both tek and dc php by the way. Thank you for delivering them.
  • Christopher Jones Friday, June 6, 2008
    Thanks Morgan. Your enthusiasm and curiosity are always appreciated.
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