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    August 15, 2017

PHP OCI8 2.1.7 for Oracle Database is now on PECL

Christopher Jones
Senior Principal Product Manager

PHP 7 compatible OCI8 2.1.7 for Oracle Database is now on PECL.

This version of OCI8 will also be bundled in PHP 7.0.23 and PHP 7.1.9 (and is already in PHP 7.2.0beta2). Older PHP 7 installations can be brought up to date using the PECL bundle.

The highlight of this release is Transparent Application Failover (TAF) callback support:

In a configured Oracle Database system, TAF occurs when the PHP application detects that the database instance is down or unreachable. It establishes a connection to another node in an Oracle RAC configuration, a hot standby database, or the same database instance itself.

The new OCI8 TAF callback feature allows a PHP function to be invoked during failover, allowing applications to decide how to handle the change. For example the callback function can fixup any application session state and continue processing so users are unaware of the database change.

The TAF callback feature originated from a Pull Request by KoenigsKind.

This release also fixes a potential integer overflow in oci_bind_array_by_name(), with a patch by Ingmar Runge.

Our grateful thanks for both these submissions to OCI8.

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