PHP OCI8 2.1.7 for Oracle Database is now on PECL

PHP 7 compatible OCI8 2.1.7 for Oracle Database is now on PECL. This version of OCI8 will also be bundled in PHP 7.0.23 and PHP 7.1.9 (and is already in PHP 7.2.0beta2). Older PHP 7 installations can be brought up to date using the PECL bundle. The highlight of this release is Transparent Application Failover (TAF) callback support: In a configured Oracle Database system, TAF occurs when the PHP application detects that the database instance is down or unreachable. It...

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Updated PHP 7.2 PDO_OCI install 'configure' syntax

Frank Yang at Oracle has updated the PHP 7.2 'configure' option for PDO_OCI and added some of the heuristics previously only in the PHP OCI8 extension configure option. This has allowed the two extension option syntaxes to be aligned. PDO_OCI is PHP's PDO driver for Oracle Database. PHP 7.2 is in Alpha status. In common with most other database PDO drivers, the PDO_OCI driver is part of the PHP bundle and is not on PECL. The new PHP 7.2 PDO_OCI 'configure' syntax is like: --with-...

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Whoa! Release News for PHP OCI8, node-oracledb, Python cx_Oracle, Instant Client and ODPI-C

I'm just catching up on some releases that happened prior/during my vacation. Here are some things you may have missed tweets on: PHP OCI8 2.1.4 for PHP 7 was released to PECL. This version corresponds to the OCI8 code in PHP 7.0.18 and 7.1.4. If you are on earlier versions, you should upgrade to avoid an uninitialized memory issue, which is bound to cause random things when you least want them. Node-oracledb 1.13.1 was released, fixing a regression binding NULL to...

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Scripting Languages and Oracle Database Cloud: How To Do it

Oracle Cloud is a great fit for your application deployment.  Say no more! I've just published some how-to's on using scripting languages like Node.js, Python, PHP, R and Ruby with Oracle Database Cloud and with the PaaS "Oracle Database Express Cloud Service".  You can use any of the mentioned languages, use other OCI or OCCI-based languages, or take advantage of the Application Container Cloud Service to deploy of Node.js and PHP applications: Using On-Premise Scripting...

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PHP OCI8 2.1.2 and OCI8 2.0.12 released on PECL

PHP OCI8 2.1.2 (for PHP 7) and OCI8 2.0.12 (for PHP 5.2+) have been uploaded to PECL. The OCI8 extension allows PHP applications to connect to Oracle Database. Use pecl install oci8 to install PHP OCI8 2.1 for PHP 7. Use pecl install oci8-2.0.12 to install PHP OCI8 2.0 for PHP 5.2 - PHP 5.6. Note: PHP 5.6 is the oldest release which the PHP community is maintaining. As well as being available from PECL, PHP OCI8 is also included in the base PHP bundles. OCI8 2.0.12 will be...

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Emoji? Look at the Oracle New Gen Developers

Forget emoji, look at the Oracle New Gen Developers!

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