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ODPI-C 3.0 Introduces SODA Document Storage

Christopher Jones
Senior Principal Product Manager
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Release 3.0 of Oracle Database Programming Interface for C (ODPI-C) is now available on GitHub

ODPI-C is an open source library of C code that simplifies access to Oracle Database for applications written in C or C++.



This release introduces support for Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA) when using Oracle Database 18c. SODA provides a non-SQL API for storing and accessing documents. Commonly documents are JSON, but other types can also be used. In this release the SODA API is a Preview. More details about SODA are in the companion release announcement for Python cx_Oracle 7.0.

Also introduced is a call timeout feature for Oracle Client 18c users. This allows applications direct control over how long database operations are allowed to run, making it easier for applications to control outcomes and keep control of user interaction. Again, details are in the cx_Oracle announcement.

If you're creating Windows applications for distribution, a change to how Oracle client libraries are located will be helpful. ODPI-C will try to load the Oracle client from the same directory as the ODPI-C binary, before defaulting to the standard search, i.e. using PATH. This means you can bundle a specific version of Instant Client with your application and know that it will be used in preference to any other Oracle libraries on the system.

There are a raft of other tweaks and improvements which can be found in the release notes.

ODPI-C References

Home page: https://oracle.github.io/odpi/

Code: https://github.com/oracle/odpi

Documentation: https://oracle.github.io/odpi/doc/index.html

Release Notes: https://oracle.github.io/odpi/doc/releasenotes.html

Installation Instructions: oracle.github.io/odpi/doc/installation.html

Report issues and discuss: https://github.com/oracle/odpi/issues

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  • Ashokan B Thursday, September 27, 2018
    Great !!!!!!
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