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ODPI-C 2.0.0-beta.4 released: More & Better-er

Christopher Jones
Senior Principal Product Manager

ODPI-C 2.0.0-beta.4 has been released to GitHub.

ODPI-C is an abstraction layer for Oracle Call Interface OCI.

This release has incremental improvements, based on user feedback and as a result of continued testing. There was some discussion around best practice number handling, and how to make use of ODPI-C 'variable' structures without requiring a DB connection. These have resulted in a few tweaks. See the release notes for all changes. The highlights in this release are:

  • Added support for getting/setting attributes of objects or element values in collections that contain LOBs, BINARY_FLOAT values, BINARY_DOUBLE values and NCHAR and NVARCHAR2 values

  • Enabled temporary LOB caching in order to avoid disk I/O.

  • Changed default native type to DPI_ORACLE_TYPE_INT64 if the column metadata indicates that the values are able to fit inside a 64-bit integer.

  • Added function dpiStmt_defineValue(), which gives the application the opportunity to specify the data type to use for fetching without having to create a variable.

In addition, a new macro DPI_DEBUG_LEVEL can be enabled during compilation to display logging and trace information. Personally I'd set it to DPI_DEBUG_LEVEL_FREES in this initial Beta phase to check whether we've made any mistakes with resource handling.

We'd like to wrap up the Beta phase soon, so please continue pounding on ODPI-C and send us feedback.

If you want to see ODPI-C in a bigger project, check out Python cx_Oracle 6.0b2, which has been updated to use this new release of ODPI-C.

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