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Notarized macOS Oracle Instant Client Packages Make Installation Easier

Christopher Jones
Senior Principal Product Manager

Instant Client 19.8 for macOS is now available on OTN. This release introduces notarized DMG packages, making installation on recent macOS versions smoother: there is no need for manual approval of the shared libraries or running xattr commands. The ZIP files are still available, but I'm told that in some future version only DMGs will be released.

Oracle Instant Client gives free, light-weight, and easily installed Oracle Database tools, libraries and SDKs.

Update: Instant Client 19.8 has been certified on Big Sur.  It is also certified on High Sierra, Mojave, and Catalina.

Manual Instant Client Installation on macOS

In each package downloaded from OTN there is an INSTALL_IC_README.txt file that gives the instructions:

  1. In Finder, double click on all desired Instant Client .dmg packages to mount them

  2. Open a terminal window and change directory to one of the packages, for example:

    $ cd /Volumes/instantclient-basic-macos.x64-
  3. Run the install_ic.sh script:

    $ ./install_ic.sh

    This copies the contents of all currently mounted Instant Client .dmg packages to $HOME/Downloads/instantclient_19_8

    If you have multiple DMG packages mounted, you only need to run install_ic.sh once

  4. In Finder, eject the mounted Instant Client packages

Scripted Instant Client Installation on macOS

Installation can still be scripted. Determine which packages to use from OTN and then run something like:

cd $HOME/Downloads

curl -O https://download.oracle.com/otn_software/mac/instantclient/198000/instantclient-basic-macos.x64-
curl -O https://download.oracle.com/otn_software/mac/instantclient/198000/instantclient-sqlplus-macos.x64-

hdiutil mount instantclient-basic-macos.x64-
hdiutil mount instantclient-sqlplus-macos.x64-


hdiutil unmount /Volumes/instantclient-basic-macos.x64-
hdiutil unmount /Volumes/instantclient-sqlplus-macos.x64-

The extracted files will be in $HOME/Downloads/instantclient_19_8.

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