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Demo: GraphQL with Oracle Database and node-oracledb

Some of our node-oracledb users recently commented they have moved from REST to GraphQL so I thought I'd take a look at what it is all about. I can requote the GraphQL talking points with the best of them, but things like "Declarative Data Fetching" and "a schema with a defined type system is the contract between client and server" are easier to undstand with examples. In brief, GraphQL: Provides a single endpoint that responds to queries. No need to create multiple endpoints...

Thursday, June 21, 2018 | node.js | Read More

Node-oracledb 2.3 with Continuous Query Notifications is on npm

Release announcement: Node-oracledb 2.3.0, the Node.js module for accessing Oracle Database, is on npm. Top features: Continuous Query Notifications. Heterogeneous Connection Pools.     Our 2.x release series continues with some interesting improvements: Node-oracledb 2.3 is now available for your pleasure. Binaries for the usual platforms are available for Node.js 6, 8, and 10; source code is available on GitHub. We are not planning on releasing binaries for Node.js 4 or 9 due...

Friday, June 8, 2018 | node.js | Read More

Demo: Oracle Database Continuous Query Notification in Node.js

Native Oracle Database Continuous Query Notification (CQN) code has landed in the node-oracledb master branch on GitHub. If you want to play with it, but don't want to wait for the next binary node-oracledb release, you can compile node-oracledb yourself and play with this demo. [Update: node-oracledb 2.3 has been released and binaries are now available.]     Some of you may already be using CQN via its PL/SQL APIs. The new, native support in node-oracledb makes it all so much...

Saturday, June 2, 2018 | node.js | Read More

A node-oracledb Web Service in Docker

This post shows how to run a node-oracledb application in a Docker Container. For bonus points, the application connects to an Oracle Database running in a second container. The steps are the 'show notes' from a recent talk at Oracle Code. The demo app is a simple Express web service that accepts REST calls.   DOCKER Oracle Docker images are available from https://store.docker.com/ and also mirrored on https://container-registry.oracle.com If you're not familiar with Docker, it...

Thursday, May 17, 2018 | node.js | Read More

Node-oracledb 2.2 with Batch Statement Execution (and more) is out on npm

Release announcement: Node-oracledb 2.2, the Node.js module for accessing Oracle Database, is on npm. Top features: Batch Statement Execution In the six-or-so weeks since 2.1 was released, a bunch of new functionality landed in node-oracledb 2.2. This shows how much engineering went into the refactored lower abstraction layer we introduced in 2.0, just to make it easy to expose Oracle features to languages like Node.js. The top features in node-oracledb 2.2 are: Added oracledb.edi...

Monday, April 2, 2018 | node.js | Read More

node-oracledb 2.1 is now available from npm

Release announcement: Node-oracledb 2.1.0, the Node.js module for accessing Oracle Database, is on npm. Top features: Privileged connections such as SYSDBA. A new 'queryStream()' Stream 'destroy()' method After the big refactoring of node-oracledb 2.0, we're pleased to push node-oracledb forward with the release of 2.1.0.   Changes in node-oracledb 2.1.0 include: Support for SYSDBA, SYSOPER, SYSASM, SYSBACKUP, SYSDG, SYSKM, and SYSRAC privileges in standalone connections. You can...

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 | node.js | Read More

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