Node-oracledb 2.0.13-Development is now on GitHub

Node-oracledb 2.0.13-Development is now on GitHub. Node-oracledb is the Node.js interface for Oracle Database. Top features: Version 2 is based on the new ODPI-C abstraction layer. Additional data type support. The full Changelog is here. The node-oracledb 2.0.13-Development documentation is here. I'd recommend testing and reporting any issues as early as possible during the 2.0 Development release cycle. This is a development release so we are aware of some rough edges....

Monday, June 19, 2017 | node.js | Read More

Whoa! Release News for PHP OCI8, node-oracledb, Python cx_Oracle, Instant Client and ODPI-C

I'm just catching up on some releases that happened prior/during my vacation. Here are some things you may have missed tweets on: PHP OCI8 2.1.4 for PHP 7 was released to PECL. This version corresponds to the OCI8 code in PHP 7.0.18 and 7.1.4. If you are on earlier versions, you should upgrade to avoid an uninitialized memory issue, which is bound to cause random things when you least want them. Node-oracledb 1.13.1 was released, fixing a regression binding NULL to...

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 | General | Read More

Scripting Languages and Oracle Database Cloud: How To Do it

Oracle Cloud is a great fit for your application deployment.  Say no more! I've just published some how-to's on using scripting languages like Node.js, Python, PHP, R and Ruby with Oracle Database Cloud and with the PaaS "Oracle Database Express Cloud Service".  You can use any of the mentioned languages, use other OCI or OCCI-based languages, or take advantage of the Application Container Cloud Service to deploy of Node.js and PHP applications: Using On-Premise Scripting...

Friday, May 5, 2017 | General | Read More

Node-oracledb 1.13.0 is available on npm

Node-oracledb 1.13.0, the Node.js add-on for Oracle Database, is on npm. Top node-oracledb feature: a fetchAsBuffer mode for fetching BLOBs. A side note: href="" >Oracle Database 12.2 is also here! And href="" >Oracle Instant Client 12.2 is available too. Node-oracledb workswith 12.2 client libraries (as well as...

Thursday, March 16, 2017 | node.js | Read More

node-oracledb Session at DeveloperWeek, San Francisco 2017

I just finished my session on node-oracledb at DeveloperWeek on Pier 27 in sunny, fantastic San Francisco. I'm in my old neighborhood, enjoying a familar view of the Bay Bridge from the speaker room window. There is a big hum around me from sessions and demo booths as developers are networking and learning. If you missed my session you can check out the slides. (They should be available for a month or so). I've added some slides that didn't fit into the 40 minute session, but...

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 | node.js | Read More

node-oracledb 1.12: Working with LOBs as String and Buffer. Connection Pinging.

Node-oracledb 1.12, the Node.js add-on for Oracle Database, is now on NPM. Top features: LOBs as JavaScript Strings and Buffers. Pool connection 'aliveness' checking. The two main features of node-oracledb 1.12 add functionality that aids usability. You may not even notice one working in the background, silently re-establishing pooled connections after network outages. The other is a 'no brainer' that makes working with large objects (LOBs) easier. You'll probably use it and...

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 | node.js | Read More

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