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node-oracledb 1.12.1-dev can fetch CLOBs as JavaScript String

Christopher Jones
Senior Principal Product Manager

A preview of node-oracledb 1.12.1-dev is available on GitHub and can be installed with:

  npm install oracle/node-oracledb.git#v1.12.1-dev

Node-oracledb is the Node.js add-on for Oracle Database.

The 1.12.1-dev release introduces fetchAsString support for CLOBs. Now, when CLOB columns are queried, they can be returned directly as JavaScript Strings, without the need to use Streams. To test this in the dev release make sure node-oracledb is linked with Oracle 12c client libraries.

See the extensive manual for details and examples.

Also in this release is improved support for 'temporary LOBs'. Now they can be bound as IN OUT binds, (as well as IN and OUT!)

See my previous post for a brief intro to earlier changes in this 1.12 series. The CHANGELOG has all the updates. I'll blog the features in more detail when a production bundle is released to npmjs.com.


Issues and questions about it can be posted on GitHub. We value your input to help prioritize work on the add-on. Drop us a line!

Node-oracledb documentation is here.

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