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New Release: ROracle 1.3-2, the DBI-compliant driver for R and Oracle Database

Christopher Jones
Senior Principal Product Manager

ROracle 1.3-2, the DBI-compliant driver for R and Oracle Database, has been released.

R is a powerful statistical language. ROracle can be used with Oracle Database to perform sophisticated analysis. Many users are also using it as part of Oracle R Enterprise,

ROracle 1.3-2 source code, documentation, and binaries (built for R-3.6.0 on Linux and Windows) are available for ROracle on OTN. This patch update isn't on CRAN due to an ongoing issue with CRAN infrastructure.

Don't all rush! There are only a couple of small changes in this update:

  • you can now specify the type of the Oracle Database column using the ora.type attribute in a dataframe when using dbWriteTable

  • ora.encoding is used for DML, when specified

Questions and comments can be posted on the OTN R Technologies forum

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Chris Wednesday, December 16, 2020
    Hello, is there any latest version for R4.0?
  • Christopher Jones Wednesday, December 16, 2020
    We discussed this just yesterday.

    If you want something now, explore building from source.
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