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Using a Soft Enter to Make Calculation Rules More Readable

Jasmine Lee
Master Principal Sales Consultant and OPA Evangelist

As calculation rules get longer they become more difficult to read. Consider the two example rules below.

The rule below is short, has few inputs, and thus is very easy to read:

The rule below is longer, has far more inputs, and is a little more difficult to read:

You can make a long calculation rule easier to read by using a 'soft enter' (Shift+Enter). A 'regular enter', i.e. just hitting the enter key, inserts a hard enter which moves the remaining content to a new line and also indicates a new paragraph. This means that all formatting associated with a new paragraph will apply. From an OPM rule perspective it means the remaining content would become detached from the start of the rule, and the rule would be broken.

A soft enter moves the remaining content to a new line, but it does not indicate a new paragraph. This means you can make the rule appear like the example below, without the rule being broken.

In the example above, a soft enter was inserted between each item in the calculation, making it much easier to read. Below is a screenshot of the same rule with the formatting marks displayed. Notice that the only paragraph mark (  ) appears at the very end of the rule, whereas the other lines end in a soft enter (  ).


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