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Upgrading to Oracle Policy Modeling Version 12

Matthew Bickham
CX Practice Manager

Max Hill | OPA Rules Consultant (Europe)

Version 12 of Oracle Policy Automation is now upon us and our customers are asking us about upgrading their existing rulebases to the latest version. In this Blog, we will be introducing some of the new OPA features and considerations for upgrading before you do so. At Oracle, we have conducted a number of upgrades already and more than happy to support you in your process so you can conduct the upgrade efficiently and make the very best of all the new features. 

First off, let's look at some of the new features of version 12:





Before you can upgrade to Version 12 you should:

Check for mathematic operators in attribute text. OPM 12 recognises “/, -, +, *, )” next to a space automatically and will assign attributes containing these symbols as multiple separate variables attributes and not single attributes.


If there are a large number of attributes containing mathematic operators then notepad++ or word macros can be used to find and replace all of these on mass. However care must be taken when using these functions, especially with Office 2007 as word documents are stored as binary files which may contain the text string you wish to replace in the file code, replacing this will corrupt the document (Notepad++).

Before Running the Migration Wizard:

Verify that your document will build correctly without errors and ensure you have closed Word, Excel and all other versions of OPM and that none of these have processes running in the background. These may interfere with the migration process.

Opening Project & Running the Migration Wizard:

In the Project tab select “Open Project” and browse to the relevant rulebase (.xprj) file. Once you have opened this the migration assistant will begin. During this process do not open any other versions of Oracle Policy Modeling, use word or excel. Outlook may also cause issues if it is running a word editor in the background. Migration should take approximately 5-10 minutes (depending upon rulebase size). Click “Continue” once Migration is complete.


Once Migration is Complete:

You may have to reassign attribute types that could not be determined automatically. This can be done by checking attribute types against the old rulebase.


You may also have to reassign entity relationships that were determined incorrectly by V12 which are usually the result of ambiguous attribute text.

In some instances spaces may need to be put into calculations otherwise they will not be recognized as such, this is a new requirement in version 12. 

Other things to looks out for are mathematic operators next to each other in Boolean attributes will cause attribute to be assigned as a variable e.g. “()/”. Errors may also arise around incorrect parsing of Booleans (can appear as multiply proven attributes). If miscellaneous errors from migration appear, take a screenshot and contact your manager or the development team. 

Once Migration is Complete:


Finally, once you have fixed all errors in the Data and Rules tabs you can address the Interview errors. Many of these will result from the new way in which V12 manages screen visibility OOTB and no longer includes flows or screen attributes. Screen errors will also arise around entity relationships that were determined incorrectly by V12, verify the correct entities using previous version.


Once you have verified that the rulebase procedure and rule dependencies are the same as in the previous version (before upgrade), the upgrade process is complete. If you have any queries about upgrading OPA to version 12 then please contact us!


We have OPA enablement courses available in the following:

  • OPA Rule Author Foundation for Version 12 (5d)
  • OPA Rule Author Advanced for Version 12 (5d)
  • OPA with BI Publisher (2d)
  • OPA Testing Tools & Methods (2d)
  • OPA Project Leader (2d)
  • OPA Technical (2d)






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