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GA Release for OPA 19D (12.2.17)

Brad Tuckett
Release Manager

The Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) team is pleased to announce that OPA Release 19D (12.2.17) is now available for public cloud and private cloud customers.

Interview extensions for images (Monthly update 2)

There is a new interview extension, customImage, for custom rendering an image control. This custom extension allows the following methods:

  • getImageSource() - Returns the URL of the image to be displayed
  • getLinkUrl() - (Optional) Returns the URL of the link the user should be navigated to when they click on the image
  • openLinkInNewWindow() - Returns true if the image's link URL should be opened in a new window
  • getHorizontalAlignment() - Specifies the horizontal alignment of the control
  • getWidth() - Returns the width of the control in pixels
  • getHeight() - Returns the height of the control in pixels
  • getCaption() - Returns the image description (alternate text)

Versioned API for REST authentication (Monthly update 2)

A versioned API for REST authentication has been added. This was previously handled as an unversioned resource, that is, /api/auth. The new authentication mechanism uses /api/{version}/auth where {version} is 12.2.17 or latest. For now the original auth service is still supported, however, existing customers are advised to transition to using the new more secure authentication scheme.

Refresh seed data (Monthly update 1)

Interview authors now have the option to allow mapped in seed data to be refreshed at specified points during the interview. When a seed data refresh occurs it triggers the same seed data process as happens at the beginning of the interview. That is, it issues a request to the connector to get the data specified by the input mapping and then loads that data into the session. This feature is only supported for Latest version web service connected interviews (including Engagement Cloud).

Assessment and interaction statistics (Monthly update 1)

There have been changes to the deployment statistics collected by Oracle Policy Automation in order to provide a clear separation between interview sessions and web service assessments. Hub Administrators can interact with the deployment statistics by configuring the charts displayed on the Deployments page and individual deployment pages. The changes include:

  • A new 'Web service assessments' preset chart. This chart summarizes all assessments made via API calls over the past 30 days.
  • A new 'Assessments by date' custom chart type. This chart reports the number of cases that have been assessed via API calls over a specified period of time.
  • The 'Web service sessions' preset chart has been renamed 'Web service calls (legacy data)'. This chart shows the legacy session data created by the Assess SOAP Service, Answer SOAP service, and Batch Assess REST API in previous versions of the system.  All new calls to the web services will not appear in this chart, as they are recorded by the new 'Web service assessments' chart.
  • The 'Interview sessions' preset chart has been renamed 'Daily interviews'. This chart shows the number of non-agent interview sessions started for all deployments over the past 30 days.

The 30 day trend on the Deployments page now compares the number of interactions started in the last 30 days against the number of interactions started in the previous 30 days. (Interactions are an aggregation of sessions and assessments into a single metric.)

Entity level forms

This release provides the ability to generate a form for entity instances. (Previously, a form's data was always based on the global entity.) For example, an advice getter could now download or submit a separate application form for each member of a household (where the household is the global entity and the household member is an entity).

Modify and resubmit interview data

Agents and self-service users can now modify and resubmit data as often as needed without the need to create another interview session. This feature is only supported for Latest version web service connected interviews (including Engagement Cloud). It is not currently supported for Service Cloud connections.

Other enhancements

New Policy Automation Hub user interface

The Policy Automation Hub user interface has been updated to make it more consistent with the Oracle JET look and feel. The new UI is more technically aligned with devices, having a responsive layout and accessibility, and enables OPA to better deliver the functionality that our customers require.

Control API access at workspace level

A single Hub with now be securely shared with multiple partner applications. The Determinations API role is now applied to workspaces (previously this was a global role), so for existing and new API clients, Hub administrators can choose the workspaces for which deployments can be invoked through the Determinations API.

Use cookies to authorize interview connection actions

For enterprises that use cookies to track user identity, Hub administrators can now choose a cookie value to pass to every web service connector operation. The current cookie value is used on every interview page, and the cookie can be refreshed if needed. This enables user authentication tokens to be passed to any Load, Save or checkpoint operation for web service connected interviews.


Want to start using the 19D release?

Public cloud: You can upgrade your testing sites at any time via Oracle Cloud Portal Service Cloud Configuration Assistant. All sites will be automatically upgraded according to the published schedule.

Private cloud (on-premises): Download from Oracle Technology Network (OTN) and Oracle® Software Delivery Cloud.

Want further information?

A summary presentation of the key features and benefits in this release can also be found on OTN.

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