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OPA Modeling

OPA Modeling

A simple cheat to create multi-level value lists

I’ve done quite a few demos where ease of data entry was paramount and I’ve made extensive use of the cascading value lists.  I have grown tired of writing the...

OPA General

How do you codify “gut feel”?

This question was asked of me last week by Dan, one of our Account Directors. Dan is a guy who knows Oracle Policy Automation well, he’s seen how OPA allows you...

OPA Modeling

Tips and Tips 4: Creating meaningful documents

This month I thought I’d focus on one of the unsung heroes of Policy Automation: Forms. Oracle Policy Automation includes a limited use licence for Oracle BI...

OPA Modeling

Tips and Tricks 3: Using the Rule Assistant

Hi folks This month I thought I’d share with you some pro tips for using the rule assistant in MS Word. I know some people like to manually type their rules,...

OPA Modeling

Tips and Tricks 2: Working with Policy Modeling Projects

Hi again folks This month I thought I’d share with you some tips and tricks for working with Oracle Policy Modeling projects. Opening is easy We all know you...

OPA Modeling

Tips and Tricks 1: Getting started in OPA v12

Hi everyone I’ve been talking to some folks who are keen to move from the v10 on-premise version of OPA to v12 (cloud or on-premise) and asking for a few hints...

OPA Modeling

Upgrading to Oracle Policy Modeling Version 12

Max Hill | OPA Rules Consultant (Europe) Version 12 of Oracle Policy Automation is now upon us and our customers are asking us about upgrading their existing...

OPA Modeling

Rule loops in OPA rules

As any experienced rule author will know, OPA automatically runs through a series of logic checks each time a policy model is built. One of these checks is for...

OPA Modeling

Allowing Discretion in OPA Rules

The purpose of a policy model is to make decisions on your behalf, often applying complex sets of rules. A lot of work goes into automating the decision making...


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